Guy Kawasaki, you enchant me.

I have a li'l crush on Guy Kawasaki. He's a super-big name in all things business-y, he's a top Twitter star and yet, he seem like the kind o' guy you could just sit down and have a nice cup o' tea and a chat with. I like that in a man.

His new book, Enchantment,The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions has most definitely enchanted me. Did you see what I did there?

Now, without being a complete girl about this, the book was always going to be a success because quite frankly it has the prettiest cover I've seen on a personal development book in a whole lot o' forever. Guy KNOWS how to enchant people, it's his thing. Which is why Enchantment is such an apt title. I mean, isn't that what we all want to do on a daily basis? Enchant partners, the people we work with, people we meet - ourselves even?

As a business-girl, Enchantment is a must-read book as he proves that a cheer-leading, social-media fueled blend of creating a kick-ass product/service and enthusiasm, is ultimately about the art o' persuasion. And to see it in action you only have to look at how Guy has created a buzz around this book - amazing.

Enchantment starts with making sure you are personally prepared to enchant people. As a Sorceress, this approach made me very happy - you're not being deceptive, you're making sure that you're genuinely real for your clients and potential customers. The idea of putting people under your 'spell' is an amazing one when it's done in an honorable way. See how enchanting you are according to a test Guy created, check out this 23-question quiz. FYI: I scored 16 to 18: 'You’re ready to change hearts, minds, and actions.' Hurrah.

Have you ever read How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie? Well Enchantment is like that, but it's for the 'now' generation. Us. It's about how to create a successful product AND a successful you. Which has got to be a good thing? Non?

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