Guru Purnima

So today is Guru Purnima; guru - one who removes the darkness of our ignorance and purnima - moon. It's a hindu festival that takes place on the full moon of every July where we send big thank-you kisses to our teachers, our spiritual guides and to the delicious flow o' grace and good juju that happens when we take time out to pause and connect with our big beautiful heart. Le sigh.

Now, they say that when the student is ready the teacher will appear, I didn't quite know how ready I was to find a teacher until, sat in a room of beautiful strangers, a dude o' awesome in funny trousers met my gaze, looked past my eyes and deep, deep into my soul and simply said the words 'I see you.' Being witnessed is powerful magickal juju. I cried, because at that moment it was as if the dude in funny trousers had given me a permission slip to be 'me'. He saw me, he saw inside, he saw past the mask, he glimpsed at all my Kali ma darkness, and didn't judge, it was okay, he accepted me as I was, a messy contradiction of delicious imperfection. If he could, so could I.

He's a bomb dropper. He drops bliss bombs straight in my heart that kiss me from the inside out and he also drops big-assed truth bombs that cause discomfort and rub against my boundaries, but the only war he's starting with this bomb dropping o' his is one o' love. For myself, for Rich, for the sanctuary, for the shala and, well... my heart is fit to burst with love stuff for the dude in the funny trousers. He is a huge slice o' awesome spiritual pie.

I've always struggled with the term 'guru', especially the self-proclaimed kind. You know the kind I'm talking about, they're all over the internet, making huge-ass, ego-driven promises  'hey, I'm a business guru - follow me, and I will make you a success' or 'I'm a guru of happiness and transformation, follow me and I will make your life better.' Thing is, a real guru doesn't shout about how awesome they are, the emphasis is never on the I, a real guru, like the dude in funny trousers, will simply show you the way and clear a path that leads right back to your heart, because that's where our own personal guru, source, cosmic juju resides. We all need gently guiding back to our heart - spiritually, mentally, physically, emotionally - which is why it's so important to find teachers/mentors that rock your world. They don't have to come in the form of a funny trouser wearing yogini, they just have to 'get you', be able to push your buttons and support you as you connect with your own big beautiful heart, grow, leap and do awesome shit in the world. It may be a partner, I've learned more about living my truth from the 2 years I've spent falling in love with the beau than I have in my entire 32 years here on earth, maybe it's a coach, I'm currently working with Jason Stein and the dude pushes me, supports me and speaks to my heart EVERY session, in fact, you don't even need to know your teachers, some of my biggest learnings have been from authors and bloggers who move me, question me and call me out with their words.

So today, on Guru Purnima, give big big thanks and love stuff to the teachers, mentors and coaches that lead you back to your truth, and then bow to your own guru, your big, beautiful love-filled heart...