Go with YOUR flow

redFACT: A huge-ass percentage o' ladykind no NOTHING about their super powers as a woman and instead, spend their menstruating years doing life like a dude. Maybe it's because they see their femininity as a sign o' weakness, maybe they feel pressure in the workplace to be 'as good as the boys' or perhaps they think  in order to be the version of successful that society would have us all believe makes us 'worthy' and 'someone in the world' we have to to be thinner, better, stronger, faster while ignoring the innately feminine natural ebb + flow of our nature-based, cyclic nature.

It's NOT your fault.

Tampax tells us that our menstrual cycle is mother nature's 'monthly gift' (to be said in sarcastic tone) + that we should be ashamed + resentful of it. Bodyform tells us that despite the fact we're bleeding we should jump out of planes and rollerskate backwards while wearing white jeans. Basically, the message is loud and clear - ignore your womb wisdom - the wisdom of the seasons + the cycles - ebb + flow, give + take - + pretend your period doesn't exist. Literally plug it up and stop it's flow, take contraception pills to 'control' it and to keep going, full steam. ALL THE TIME. But when we ignore the call of the feminine, who calls us to know our flow - the masculine AND the feminine - by never looking up at the moon, by cursing our monthly bleed, by plugging our yoni with bleached tampons to stop the blood flowing, by not honouring yourself and your cycle, by never resting because you think it makes you look weak, by doing everything possible to pretend it doesn't exist, SHE gets pissed. That's when you start feeling out of whack - your stress levels rise, you question your parenting, you compare yourself to others, jealousy rages through you like a bush fire, you question your worth on a minute-by-minute basis, PMS becomes all consuming, you never have a minute to be still, you take up yoga to escape from yourself. Despite what society will have you believe, SHE doesn't send this to punish you for being a woman,  she sends it to call you home. Home to yourself. So that you remember. Remember that in all your messy, raw, vulnerable, fucking awesomeness, you hold the power o' SHE in your womb. Power to create, birth, manifest, make shit happen, destroy, rebirth - all that can bring health + balance to your relationships, to your business, to the freakin' world.

Go with YOUR Flow Let's keep it super simple - the first half of your cycle - think of the days that follow your bleed as the starting point for these - are masculine powered energy.  It's the deep in breath, it's the waxing moon through to full moon, it's the seasons of spring + summer - this is when you can get shit done and when you can actually make it happen - you are basically the law of attraction personified.

The second half is feminine energy + this is the part of the cycle that we TOTALLY ignore, which, FYI, has EVERYTHING  to do with the feminine being ignored in society. This half of the cycle is yin, think of it as an out breath, it's the waning moon through to dark moon, it's the seasons of autumn and winter - this is when, if we allow ourselves, we can fully embody our power as women. Our intuition is heightened, we can see things that may have previously been hidden, we are enchantresses, we are bitches, we are charmed + we are dangerous.

Ladykind have been devalued by misplaced social conditioning, with many of us taking on the masculine energy of the first half of our cycle and trying to maintain it for...well, pretty much indefinitely. Rur-roh. This is when we develop burn out, stress, reproductive dis-ease like PCOS or Endometriosis + what feels like a real and true hatred for everyone + everyone.

Don't fret, this isn't a call to go bleed on the earth and chant to the great mumma (although I totally recommend doing both) I'm simply inviting you to remember. Remember who you were before you forgot. How?  Join me for Explore Your Lady Landscape - the doors for the Feb 2015 programme have now officially opened - hurrah! This is a 28 day online immersion that will create a direct hook up between you and your menstrual cycle. It makes ancient feminine wisdom TOTALLY relevant + accessible for 21st century women like me and you who juggle kids, careers + families. I LOVE this programme SO much.  Start by pay attention to your body's needs during your monthly cycle. Day 1 is the first day you bleed, so mark it in a diary and then start to keep notes about how you feel - energy levels, thoughts, how creative you are, what you're called to eat - throughout your cycle. You'll start to see patterns that are you-nique-to-you, Which days are you emo? feisty? Is there a day that you want to gouge your partner's eyes out with a spoon? What days do you feel flirty-skirty? Starting to know your hotspots + power days in each cycle will help you to know when to say yes to interviews + social arrangements, or when to honour your sweet self and curl up under the duvet with a good book.  Put the 8th March 2015 into your diary because my new book Code Red: Know Your Flow, Unlock your Super Powers + create a bloody amazing life. Period. is released and full-to-the-brim with EVERYTHING you need to know about how to discover your innate SHE power - rarr!

As always, I would LOVE to hear from you - do you feel like you're doing life like a dude? Would you consider finding love for your period, instead of bashing mumma nature for her so-called curse? Please share your thoughts!