Get shit done

I am all about the comfy, which is why I never wear a thong. (For those in Upside Down Australia, I mean the knicker variety, not the kind you wear on your feet, although, they too can sometimes cause between-the-toe chaffage of which I am also NOT a fan.)

But being comfy doesn't get shit done. It doesn't get books written, dreams realised and lives lived. Which is rude, because I love being comfy, but luckily I love writing, dreaming and living a life o' awesome more.

So while I will never wear a thong no matter how much the beau might dig my sweet ass in one, I DO get uncomfy. I don't like it, you only have to ask my coach and mentor, Jason Stein. We had a session last Friday that pushed me WAY past my comfy zone to I-don't-like-it-ville. I made eye water, I resisted, I just didn't want to go there. Yet gently, and with total love stuff, he took me there. By going there, we got still, which, FYI, was totally infuriating, I felt like I was sat on the naughty step having to 'think about my actions' I wanted to scream 'I don't want to be still, I don't want to try and connect with the goddess/the divine, I  just want to get this shit done'. but Jason who is a cross between the Dalai Lama and Eminem, was clearly not going to budge on this, so despite feeling like  I was in no place for 1 on 1 time with my spiritual homegirl, I surrendered. I closed my eyes, turned my thoughts into my heart and got still.

In those minutes, moments, however long it was, I let my heart do the talking and the crazy head mess that was fear, ick and resistance melt away. It worked. It only freakin' worked. Of course it did, I KNOW it works. I do it with my own writer-girl coachees. But at that moment, when the really dark icky, eye-water making, fear stuff kicked in, when I so desperately wanted to cling to my place of comfort and not leave the shore of all things known, I'd forgotten.

As go-for-it Girls, we all want to get shit done. We all want to write books, do awesome shit in the world and no matter how uncomfy it might feel at times, want to nudge lovingly at our comfort zone boundaries to discover incredible new possibilities, right?

Here's how...

Make like Doctor Who and bend time. Being still, meditating, taking time out actually makes more time in the day. It's a fact. I'm not sure it's scientific fact, but it's a SASSY fact and they're the only rules I even vaguely play by. When our lives start to get full-to-the brim with to-do lists and life gets messy and stressy, we have a tendency to stop doing the things that nurture, and fill up our feel-good well, which makes no sense at all really, does it? I  recently had some crazy mad deadlines, so decided to get up early, skip my morning yoga and get straight on with the work, except I was tired, sluggish and snappy and the work ended up taking twice as long as it would have taken if I had simply pulled out a few yoga moves, juiced up my mojo and created some gorgeous ju-ju flow.

Get a coach/mentor. They don't have the answers, YOU have those, but if you get the right one? They'll lovingly kick yo' ass, support your journey, share their wisdom and cheerlead you to an awesomeness you never thought was possible. You can work with mine, he's freakin' awesomeness on a stick, or if you're wanting to write a book and you want to make the idea in your head, a hold-in-your-hand reality, I'm TOTALLY your go-to girl.

Be still, connect and tune in. Woo-woo? Yes. Does it work? Abso-freakin'-lutely. It can be half hour or five minutes,being still allows the fizz of fear, anticipation, worry or concern to simply quieten down, clearing a big beautiful space for the your spiritual homeboy/homegirl to enter. Trust it. It knows it's shit.

Don't wear a thong. No brainer, really.


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