Get naked

ps w thoth  “What would happen if one woman told the truth about her life? The world would split open.” - Muriel Rukeyser

I went back to work yesterday. I was nervy. I had a session booked with a brand new writer-girl, I hadn't coached for over two months and I was scared that she might  smell my fear - a heady mix o' sweat, she'll-think-I'm-a-fraud and general not-knowing - through Skype. I know my shiz. I love my work, but, having alternated between rage, tears, numbness and silent rocking for the past month or two, it's hard to remember how to hold it together for an hour. I'd given her the heads up: 'look, I'm tender, but I totally want to do this.' She wrote back saying: 'I dig you, I dig what you do, let's see what happens.' (Have I mentioned the insane awesomeness o' the women who choose to work with me?!) I lit a candle, pulled a tarot - it was the Princess o' Wands, dynamic passions, set yourself free - sipped liquorice tea and hit the call button.

We immediately entered into delicious untamed storytelling territory together and within five minutes, she was naked. Not literally, I mean she may of been, which I'd have been totally cool with - clothes, shhmothes, right? - but she just stripped right down, cut the bullshit, and went there. In an hour session, we cracked open the story that her big beat-y heart needed to tell because she was willing to take a risk - on me, on herself - get vulnerable and bring all of herself to her story. That's powerful freakin' juju. I had tingles.

Now, I've been on a lot o' business courses and I've read a lot o' blogs, and some o' those dudes and dude-esses would freak the fuck out at my way o' working. The idea of showing vulnerability, or showing up as you are or sending an email saying 'look, I'm tender' is not in any business manual I've ever read. It should be though - I might write the freakin' thing - because we bond with each other through vulnerability. I crave realness and connection above all things - in the words I read, in the people I meet, in the experiences I have - and I want to work with people that want the same. My writer-girl rockstar signed up to work with me while I was openly blogging about the fact my mumma was dying. I wrote back saying, 'I'm not taking on clients right now, but I can recommend someone for you to work with,' she wrote back saying, 'no worries, I'll wait 'til you're ready.' That's why I dig the shit out of what I do. The louder my untamed voice has become, the clearer I've been able to speak to the women I want to work with and the easier it's been for them to say 'high fives Miss Lisa, I am TOTALLY working with you.' Don't hesitate to put yourself on the line. Some people won’t like you. Some people will unsubscribe to your mailing list. Some people won't buy your book. But if you’re willing to take that risk, to say what's true for you, here’s the thing: A lot of people will LOVE what you do. FYI: These are the people that really matter. When they hear your truth, when you say something that moves them, excites them, they will stand by you (and buy your stuff, and pimp yo' ass, and be all kinds of fiercely loyal.)

So become the Princess o' wands, get naked. In your blog, in your storytelling, in your business, in your life. I dare you to split the world open.