Get a SASSY tarot reading for £11.11

tarot Now as you know, I'm one of those woo-woo types, so today, as I do at every full moon, I'm channeling the ju-ju, but I didn't altogether understand too much about all this 11.11.11 malarky, so I've done a li'l research, and basically it seems the deets are unimportant, what IS important is that it's an opportunity for us to begin afresh, individually and collectively, which makes it a perfect-o day, and weekend, for focusing on where, and how, you want your road trip of life awesomeness to go from here.

So I got to thinking, how fun would it be to offer up a SASSY tarot reading for the purse-friendly sum of £11.11!

Book your reading today, I'll send you a paypal invoice, you'll let me know what questions you'd like me to ask the cards, and I'll use this weekend o' special wipe-the-slate-clean and get-focused energy to help you point the compass, turn the map the right way round and set you safely on the road to Destination Awesome - woohhooo!

To book your reading, email me at: - offer ends midnight on November 13th 2011.