G-friend, it's time to bring the SASSY.

I know you’re made o’ awesome because…well, you wouldn’t be here otherwise.

You have big beautiful dreams, you've got a story to tell, you want to rock out in the world, but you want to do it your way, and to the beat of your own beautiful drum (and in totally inappropriate footwear, right?) You want your heart to spill over with love stuff, you want to know and own your awesomeness, have AMAZING orgasms, dance with your sacred feminity and most importantly, you want to become mistress of your destiny and make big, big shit happen.

Except living out loud, taking risks, being in action, stepping up, stepping out, Being YOU, well, that can hit every freakin’ fear trigger you’ve got, and possibly ones that you didn’t even know you had. What if you fail? What if it doesn’t work out?

But what if you don’t fail? What if it does work out? Well, then you start fires, g-friend. You blaze trails. Life becomes sweeter because you’re living life on YOUR terms.

I spent far too long trying to fit in. I thought I  needed to be a size 10, look a certain way, be a certain way. I did what I thought was expected of me. I moved in with my then boyfriend, we bought a pile of bricks together, we watched TV a LOT and we went on two holidays a year. It was nice. It was comfy. And if that’s what you want in life, cool. But it was most definitely NOT what I wanted. I had big maah-hoosive dreams, yet I pushed them to the back of my head. The thing is, when you ignore your big dreams, when your passion for life is switched to zilcho, you get sad. You get poorly. Life? Well, it pretty much sucks.

Trying to fit in can really stifle a girl but in the words o’ my hot literary girl-crush, Anais Nin:

[quote style="boxed"]And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom…[/quote]


You get SASSY. And when you get SASSY, a life of indefinite suck is NOT an option. Instead you become the mistress o’ your destiny, tap into your YOU-nique super-SASSY powers, embrace your awesomeness and become the most beautiful, bliss-bomb dropping badass member o’ ladykind.

What is this SASSY super-power you speak of?

Think Elizabeth Taylor playing the ultimate seductress, Cleopatra. Hot, right? Well multiply that by 1000 then you might begin to get the idea. When you tap into you SASSY super powers you’ll become quite possibly the most bewitching bombshell. The kind o’ gal who is so completely in tune with her powers that you can identify, go after, and most importantly, conjure up and invoke whatever it is you want in life, all while dancing to your very own beat and wearing completely inappropriate footwear. And you really have to be ready for that, because not only will you walk taller, you’ll have an ‘I had amazing sex last night’ smile on your face a LOT of the time and people will have an insta-attraction to you without entirely knowing why – it’s just how you’ll roll.

I’m now married to a hot 6ft 6 Viking beau o’ love stuff, I write words for love AND money, I wear ridiculously over the top accessories when I speak on stage in front o’ hundreds of people, I rock some killer inkage on my body, I meditate in a leopard print slanket, I shake my tail feather in fishnets and a corset, I love and crush on my size 18/20 body, have aaah – freakin’-mazing adventures and have a fire in my belly fuelled by passion and most importantly, fun.

[quote style="boxed"]"If you want your life to be a kick-ass story, then begin by realizing that YOU are the author and everyday you have the opportunity to write a new page..."[/quote]‎

And now, and this is the best bit of all, I get to be YOUR cheerleader, number one fan girl and hand holder as you discover your SASSY super powers, get clear about what YOUR big, beautiful dreams are and cheer, whoop and do cartwheels (I can totally do cartwheels) when you make your big, beautiful dreams come true!

Do you want:

  • A life that truly rock and rules?
  • To banish any fear or negg-o thinking so that being a courageous, kick-ass action-taking Annie is a totally do-able option?
  • To make your goals and big dreams actually happen?
  • To know what your SASSY super powers are and how to use them to make out with your amazing life?
  • A fire in your belly fuelled by passion, desire and most importantly, fun?
  • Speak your truth and do YOU on your terms?
  • To have an ‘I had amazing sex last night’ smile on your face a LOT of the time, whether you’ve had had amazing sex or not?
  • To feel fabulous – inside and out?
It's time to bring the SASSY, g-friend...

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