Full moon dream board

MyODreamBoardExport As some of you know, each full moon I make a dream board, set my intentions for the next 28 days and call on the magickal full moon ju-ju to help me to make them a big, beautifulreality.

Some months I share, some months I keep them right here, *I'm pointing to my heart right now* but this full moon seemed super-powerful, (I mean have you looked at it the last couple o' nights? Bee-you-tiful.) so it felt right and proper that I share my intentions and invite you to do the same...

Tonight, light a candle, make yourself a yummy warm drink, put on your favourite soundtrack - right now I am totally in love stuff with Caro Emerald - arm yourself with a bundle o' magazines (I love keeping it old skool and ripping out pictures and using paper and glue) or do like I did last night and use the Oprah dream board facility and then find words, phrases and pictures to set your big, beautiful, life-enhancing intentions. Keep it all in the present tense, keep it all positive and be sure to whisper sweet nothings to yourself as you do it - you're awesome, remember?!

Then, when you're finished, print it out and place it somewhere you'll see it every single day, then g-friend, you gotta do the work. Make it happen, I dare you!