French films & tarot: these are a few of my favourite things...

So, I'm still jonesing for all things Francais, I've watched Amelie, Moulin Rouge and Midnight in Paris on repeat, and then, on Saturday morning, I was pointed, via facebook, to the most delicious french movie, Cleo de 5 a 7. 51O9Ks9z02L

Now, at the risk o' sounding faux hipster and wanky like someone who drinks in Shoreditch a lot and dresses like Alexa Chung, I am something o' a Jean Luc Godard fan-girl. In fact, when I WAS faux hipster and wanky at university I wrote entire essays that read like love letters to French New Wave cinema, but this movie wasn't recommended to me because o' my past new wave wanky-ness, nor was it because o' my love for all things Francais, but because of the amazing tarot deck used in the opening sequence.

It is quite the set. I've done a li'l research - what can I say? I'm a geek-girl -  and found out that it's the Astro Mythological deck by Mlle Lenormand and I want it. I'm drawn to it. It makes me want to don my headscarf and oversized hoop earrings. It's all techni-colour gorgeousness and full o' symbolism and I want to spend entire days exploring them and letting them take me on magickal adventures. And if I can't afford the Dali deck which I'm coveting so badly, then this is deffo a far more reasonable and purse-friendly option to cure my tarot card fix.


As for the movie. I LOVED it. As in really loved it. It's an hour and a half (despite the title) in the life of Cleo, a singer who, after her tarot reading that fore tells bad news, whiles away a couple of hours in the cafés, shops and streets of Paris awaiting the results of medical tests. Like all French New Wave, it's clever and tres swanksville, it also paints the most delicious black and white portrait of the French capital at the height of the sixties too - tres magnifique. You can buy a copy at Amazon, or like me, watch it on Youtube while pretending to smoke Gauloises cigarettes and swish your hair in a very ohh la la way.