Seriously, what are you here for, lady?

redthread1For the longest time, I thought I had to do business like everyone else. That I had to follow a five point plan, create web content a certain way + that in order to be successful I had to niche. There was simply no way, according to business 101, that I could run a successful business that combined all the things I loved - self-love, writing books, coaching women to write + share their story, being an editor and teaching fiercely feminine superpowers.

Then, 18 months ago,  my mum and dad died. I did lots o' soul searching, journaled the shit out of my thoughts + feelings here on the blog and in my notebooks, and found myself asking, 'seriously, what are you here for, lady?'

You don't have to, and absolutely shouldn't wait for your parents to die before asking yourself the BIG questions. Instead of worrying about how to niche, or what will make you more money, I urge you to Just. Do. The. Work. Every day, I turn up to the page or computer screen and I Do The Work. By work, I mean THE work. The kind that involves you showing up in all your heart-wide-open rawness. The kind that involves self-inquiry. The kind that will mean you no longer feel it necessary to follow the guidance of another, but instead trust yourself. Implicitly.

I do most of my 'work' in journals, blog posts + heart riffs. A lot of my unravelling has happened here on this blog, not necessarily in the words you've read, but most definitely in the process of writing, but in all honestly, it doesn't matter where you do the work, it just matters that you do it. So that when you ask the big questions, like 'seriously, what are you here for, lady?' you're able to find the thread. Yep, there's a divine, red thread that runs through each of us connecting our heart, gut and womb and is a direct line to our truth, to source, to SHE. It's intwined with unique-to-you key words, core desires, true passions. When I write books for teens, what I love most is the stories I hear back through the readers in workshops and by email. When I coach women to write books, I care very little for the finished product, what excites me is the incredible journey she will go on as she tells her story, and the impact it has on her life when she dares to discover and use her SHE voice. When I share menstruality with women and see + hear the realisation that we have super powers that we've been denied access to, and how it's been at the cost of the story of what it means to be a woman. My thread?

It's the story of woman. Of EVERY woman. And I'm here to help tell it.

It's my north star. When I tug at that red thread, and create from this place in life and in business, there is ALWAYS clarity. Creating my new offering Write Your Freakin' Heart (+ guts) Out was a direct download from that place. I conceptualised, wrote the sales page + launched it under that big-ass full moon 2 weeks ago.  I allowed myself to be totally SHE-led. I didn't plan on doing any more programmes this year, in fact, I'd planned on taking time out to work on my new publishing project, but I woke up on Wednesday with this idea, conceptualised it in my notebook, wrote it up on Thursday, launched it Friday. The full moon is a time of manifesting, and my menstrual cycle at the opposite end indicated release - now when shit like that aligns, you simply have to be willing for awesomeness to occur. Mercury retrograde or not. And it is. Women are gathering, a LOT o' women and I'm excited for us all to spend 30 days making out with our muse, sharing our stories and discovering our truths. Everything about this offering feels delicious. I have tugged at my red thread, leaned into what feels good, fallen into alignment with the rhythm of the moon and my menstrual cycle, and I've let it be easy.


Being a #SHEboss is about knowing yourself so intimately that you create a life and business so in sync with the essence of who you are, people fall over themselves wanting to work with you + give you money. In fact, you are so on-message with who YOU are and why you're here, the offerings almost become irrelevant - because when you know your flow, unlocked your fiercely feminine super-powers and you create a life and business in your deliciously, raw + uncensored truth, you will shine like a big-ass beacon o' light because so many people are NOT doing that. Instead, they're doing jobs and work they don't like to pay for mortgages they can't afford and are missing out on sweet smelling roses. And probably kisses that make your foot pop + amazing heart-pounding life-affirming sex too and that? Well, that's just silly. I urge you to step into your role as creatrix, which is at the very essence of every woman, do the work and dig around in your soul. Get as close as you can to the sweet nectar of your truth, find your thread, and tell me lady, what are YOU here for?