Fierce, feminine + devotional storytelling


So as you know, Code Red launches on 13th April, and I am finally allowing myself to get excited. I've started talking to the press about it, I'm doing interviews for online media and blogs (which, FYI, is still very weird as I'm used to being the journo-girl asking the questions!) and on Friday, the super-new-moon, partial eclipse, equinox day o' magic and crazy juju - did you feel it too?!! - in my journal I found myself writing, 'launch SHE stories' on 4th April. Whattttttt?!!!

This was NOT the plan. I was going to launch it in March and that didn't happen, then I decided I wasn't going to launch any more writing programmes 'til November, I was going to be totally Code Red content-focussed for the rest of the year, but the writing of Code Red has been such an amazing SHE-led experience, unlike any other I've experienced writing previous books, that it would be simply rude and wrong of me to keep that to myself. Besides, when SHE's involved, I very rarely have a choice. SHE Stories is my super-affordable invitation to you to enter into an intimate relationship with SHE and allow her to work with you and through you, to create stories/books/blog posts/business content that come straight from your heart, gut + womb. This SHE-led process is why I can no longer write How-to posts or Justin Beiber annuals, but it IS why I have incredible readers (YOU!) who dig what I do and use what I share to shine their light in the world, it's why I can no longer do business in a linear, goal-orientated way, but it IS why I have an ever-evolving business that I love and adore. My niche is the blood + guts of women. That's it. Menstruation, intuition and EVERYTHING in between and I write and create from this place without fear (it wasn't always like that though, and I'll share how I overcome that with you on the programme) I allow myself to be gut-led, I have to surrender A LOT, but in doing so, the experience is always golden. Working in a SHE-led way is THE most liberating way of working and I really want to share it with you.

I used to ache for my voice to be heard. To be a published author. I wanted more than anything to be able to fully express myself – the glory, the pain + the exquisite in-between space – and share my truth from deep down in my heart + gut with the world. But for so long I got the fear. Big crazy-ass fear. Fear so paralysing, I became a writer-for-hire and wrote Justin Bieber annuals. True Fact. On paper, and in my every day life, I self-edited + censored my vulnerable + raw SHE-powered voice so that I was likeable, loveable, acceptable. It was a bullshit existence, because what I know now, that I didn’t know then, was that you will never be an in-your-power, totally-of-service badass if you are not sharing your from the heart + guts truth – no matter how messy, imperfect + not-likeable it might appear.

Now, when you dare to get truthful with your story, something amazing happens. You create space. A space for your voice – the unedited, SHE-powered, straight-from-the-heart-and-guts voice – to speak without fear of ridicule, silencing or censorship.

Now, when you dare to get truthful with your story, something amazing happens. You create space. A space for your voice – the unedited, SHE-powered, straight-from-the-heart-and-guts voice – to speak without fear of ridicule, silencing or censorship. Oh yeah. But then, and this is where it gets really badass, if you unlock your fiercely feminine superpowers (these are accessed through the phases of the moon + your menstrual cycle) not only do you feel like every woman who has gone before you who has NOT told her story has totally got your back, you are luna-led + SHE-powered. You are a force o’ nature. Mumma Nature. And basically, shit gets sacred pretty quickly.

But while it's the one thing you’ve always wanted to do + you know the world will be better because of your story, in fact, you have the greatest of intentions, you’ve bought how-to books (except they’re gathering dust on a shelf), you’ve signed up to e-courses (except they’re unopened on your desktop), yet you’re able to find a gazillion reasons as to why you can’t write your book. They may, or may not, include the following:

"I've not got enough time..." "I can't spell..." "I'm not a good enough writer..." " What if no one wants to buy it?"

I hear you.

Which is why I’m sharing my one word, fail-safe secret to turning your incredible book idea in your head into an actual hold-in-your-hand book. You want in? Come close – do you like my perfume? It’s Hugo Boss Red – let me whisper in your ear… Drum roll please...


Now, I’m an only child so the whole ‘sharing’ thing didn’t come terribly easy to me at first, but hands down, it is the reason I’m a published author-girl and not someone who talks about being a published author-girl.

Yep, Think Pink, the first book in the Lola Love series for teen girls, was in my head for 2 whole years before I put pen to paper. I was petrified people would laugh at me, that they’d think it was a silly idea or tell me that I couldn’t write, so, to save face, I talked about writing a book. A lot.

That was until I discovered an online group of writers, a girl-gang of words who totally had each other’s back. They gave me the space and permission to play, date and basically make out with my book idea – heavy petting was actively encouraged. We shared techniques, we busted our fears and we told our stories.

Then, guess what? I wrote a freakin' book. I say a book, it was a shitty first draft – and yes, that’s totally a book writing term  - that later turned into a book that was published by HarperCollins, that then turned into a bestselling series, that has now currently sold over 300,000 copies worldwide.

Which is why I can think of no better way to share your story than to team up with like-minded SHEloves for SHE Stories.

WHAT IS IT? Well...think of The Artist's Way, make it specifically for women, then add practical teachings that will help you to write YOUR story - from the heart + guts. Call in some kick-ass spiritual home-girls like Mary Magdalene, Kali Ma + Joan o' Arc actually call in ALL the women whose stories have been censored + edited throughout history, add a HUGE helping of ancient feminine wisdom made totally relevant for modern women like me and you who juggle mummhood, careers, relationships and, mix well with exercises that will create new paths into the creative process and that, ladylove, is SHE Stories.

A 28 DAY PROGRAMME FOR WOMEN WHO: - want to write - have started a book and have the nagging voice of an old teacher or family member telling her she’s not good enough. - who have self-censored their voice whether on paper, or in life, because she’s been told she’s too loud or too much. - want and more importantly NEED to share their story - have a desire to activate their fierce. feminine. deeply devotional SHE voice.

HOW SHE STORIES WILL WORK: SHE Stories is an open invitation to any woman who has ever felt unheard, unsure + without purpose but knows, deep down in her lady bones, that she has a story that MUST be told.

  • I will teach you how to use memoir as a way to tell your story. I'll show you how to get started, move through drafts and gain skills in the craft.
  • We'll work with the energy of SHE to access specific-to-women creative pathways.
  • I'll share my own experiences of using my SHE voice to write my new book, Code Red and how very different it is from being a writer for hire. (Although I WILL share the top ten things I learnt as a writer-for-hire that now mean I can create awesome copy.
  • You’ll discover practices that will hook up your womb, your gut and your heart, which is basically, your menstrual cycle, your intuition and your inner compass, and when these three power sources combine? It unleashes the innate awesomeness of the most kick-ass members o’ ladykind who have gone before you; goddesses, priestesses, creatrixes, artists, word weavers, sorceresses and activists, and that? Well that’s when your SHE Power really unfurls and reveals itself.
  • Most importantly, we'll explore creative writing as spiritual practice - because writing helps you to birth yourself fully in all your messy, delicious, awe-inspiring truth.


  • 2  LIVE 60 minute SHE Stories workshops - you are invited to join me as I share my insight on getting started, resistance and procrastination, how to describe the indescribable, telling our truth, discovering our SHE voice, how to deal with criticism as well as the super-practical information on pitching, getting published + marketing your book.
  • FREE MP3 recordings – all the workshops will be provided as MP3 recordings for you to download so that you can listen to them at your lee-sure
  • SHE Stories playbook - delivered in weekly installments filled with practical insight, teachings and journal prompts based on that week's workshop that you can print off and make into your own SHE Stories manual.
  • Q&A Fridays - a chance to ask any questions that have come up during our time together.
  • FREE access to the SHE Stories Sadhana - we start our work together on the new moon and you'll receive a daily love note about how to use that specific day of the 28 day moon cycle to create a writing practice that you love.
  • FREE access to a secret SHE Stories circle – a facebook group for us all to gather as women and share our insights, struggles and findings throughout the 28 days.

WHEN? 4th April - 2nd May 2015

WHERE?  Online


£45.00 buynow


You'll be directed to a sign up page, please fill in your deets and I'll send your SHE Stories welcome pack a few days before we start! Can't wait to share this SHE-led process with you!