Feed Your Mind

During the moon cycle o' May, I released a whole 32lb - wohhooooo! - if any of you read my feature about my smack-down with Endrometriosis over at Sassy Minx, you'll know that joining the gym and re-educating myself 'bout all things food is all part of my blueprint to health and happiness - it's totes working too! (I'll be sharing the love 'bout my fabulous Sassy blueprint very soon - have some gorgeous goodies for you all too - I know, I spoil you, non?)

Now at the risk o' sounding a li'l woo-woo, my bod has become a temple, no, really it has, no food is off limits but I'm now really aware that I control what goes in my mouth, food doesn't control me! It's a freakin' revelation...What I'm also finding is that if I view my gorgeous goddess bod as a temple, this love stuff that I'm giving myself by exercising and eating right, has to be extended to what I feed my mind too. I know this might all sound like common sense to some o' you, but seriously this is BIG, MASSIVE learning for me... I LOVE a trash magazine, they're my real guilty pleasure, but I'm finding that while we should never stop consuming the things we love, we should at least realise the impact they have on us, and then make a choice as to whether we still want it in our world. Try it for a week - if like me you love celeb gossip, take a week out. Don't watch OK TV, closely followed by E! Entertainment followed by an hour flicking through Now and Heat magazine - yes, I have been know to do this! - instead, give yourself a steady diet o' uplift and inspiration - meditate, join a zumba/pilates/bellydancing class, read a book (I've got some amazing recommendations coming to you this week!) It's not just trash mags though, we gobble up the junk thoughts the world and the media feeds us without even thinking, so for a week, why don't we make a conscious choice about the input you want in your world? It takes a bit o' prep as you need to first decide what you want - whether it's to meditate, learn a new skill, cook meals from scratch, invite pals round for a game o' scrabble/Monopoly instead o' TV watching, read a book from cover to cover about a subject you've always wanted to learn more about - feeding your mind in a way that fills you up instead of numbing you will have AMAZING results, give it a go, I dare you!

I'm starting on Monday for a week and will document my findings, tips and techniques as I go - are you in?!