Fancy yourself as a Diva O' Destiny?

Tarot reading is one of my major passions, so I am crazy-excited to share this with you! t-toth

BASIC TAROT This e-course covers the basic concepts behind the tarot - it'll intro you to the structure of the cards, the suits and elements, the courts and the majors, I won't cover specific meanings of cards, but you will learn the place of each type of card, how to ask questions of the cards effectively, how to work with spreads and linking cards together. I use a LOT of different tarot decks, but all my tarot courses will be based on Alister Crowley's Thoth deck as they're my absolute favourites to work with and I think you'll love 'em too...

This basic course is the perfect-o prep for getting the most out of the ADVANCED TAROT course, but if you just want to dip your manicured toe in the pool o' tarot, it will give you everything you need to effectively read for yourself and provide you with a very flexible and portable tool to help you on your life's journey.

This is an 8 week e-course o' fabulousness that will be kicking off on Feb 2nd, 2011. Don't fret though, while the course will be sent out weekly, it can be done at your own pace. This course is currently available at the very special launch price of £55 . Email me at: to book your place NOW!

NEWS! NEWS! NEWS! Once you've rocked the basic course, we can then get to the juicy goodness of the ADVANCED TAROT. This course will be launched in April 2011, and anyone who has completed the BASIC TAROT course will receive a Sassy Student voucher that will get you a hefty discount at the checkout - hurrah!