Every body has a story. What's yours?

I'm tired. I'm tired of being a girl in a world where we waste so much energy worrying about what's 'wrong' with our bodies that we don't go out, we don't dance, we cover ourselves up, we stay small. A world where our body is the enemy. I'm a size 18/20 and I'm hot. I have a gorgeous friend who is a size 8, she's hot too. Society would like to label us 'fat' and 'thin' yet we both totally rock the bodies we're in, because the size written on the label in our knickers, is NOT an indication of our awesomeness. I perform burlesque, and the girls I perform alongside are a truly delicious array of lovely shapes and sizes because, despite what the media will have you believe, girl-kind come in a gazillion different juicy-juicy forms, not just 'skinny' and 'fat'.

Putting a 'voluptuous' (which in media terminology usually means a UK size 12) model on the catwalk isn't an insta-fix to the crazy-assed obsession we have with body image in our society right now, in the same way that highlighting how 'skinny' someone is, or creating niche markets for 'plus' size girls won't cut it either.

A while back, Adele was called a 'little bit fat' by Karl Lagerfeld, and then, when she won a gazillion grammys, the media celebrated the awesome talent of 'curvy Adele'. What's the size of her hips got to do with either Karl OR her freakin' AMAZING talent?

Nothing. It's bullshit.

As an agony aunt for Mizz magazine, the number one problem girls write to me about is the complete hate-filled relationship they have with the body they're in. I find myself continually exasperated/fucked off/annoyed by society's endless need to label and define girl-kind by their body size. And as for the endless 'fat' and 'thin' debate, it just perpetuates the message that no matter what your size, as a girl/woman in the world, you're never 'quite' good enough. Which, FYI, is simply not true. I work on a daily basis in all my work to ensure that girls and women of ALL shapes and sizes, accept themselves JUST AS THEY ARE, right now.

I know, controversial, right?

Niches, labels, 'fat' and 'thin debates just continue to highlight the differences between girl-kind, which is why I'm on a mission for women to enter into a delicious relationship with themselves and the body they're in so that we can start telling the REAL story of what being a woman in the world is like.

I want women to be celebrated in ALL their fabulous forms, not just for the clothes they wear or the size of their hips – don’t get me wrong, I LOVE clothes, shoes and make-up, but they most deffo don’t define me – but for their talents and skillz, their business savvy, their YOU-nique qualities and their ability to show love in big huge-ass abundance too.

But this has to start with us, as girl-kind, daring to connect with the beautiful body we're currently in. We have to dare to know our bodies and be IN our bodies too, because if we don't, we will continue to have to get our needs met through manipulation, mixed messages and deception.

Let's start by hooking up with our bodies. Let's listen to what they're really saying when we reach for a bar of chocolate, or when we go for a 10 mile run, when we shave our head, make ourselves sick, when we cut our skin, or ink it with colour. Let's give our body a voice and let it begin to tell our story as women. As gorgeous, delicious, powerful, dancing, wild, spiritual, adventurous, sacred, divine, orgasmic, women.

What's YOUR body's story? What is it whispering in your ear or screaming really freakin' loud? I LOVE hearing from you, girls o' awesome...

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