Educate dudekind AND banish PMS.

pmsThe hot viking husband has many awesome qualities, but one of my most favourite things is his ability to ‘get me’.He fully immerses in the mystery o’ me. (And believe me, this g-friend is more tricky than the freakin’ Da Vinci code, just ask any of my ex-boyfriends.) But before you start asking me if he has a brother (he does, he has two but both are taken) or wanting him to run a school for lack-o-emo dudekind, this isn’t all his own work. Yes, he’s dedicated and committed to knowing me better - which of course makes me feel awesome - but this is totally for his own benefit too. He knows that if he understands the mystery o’ me, when I need cuddles, when I’m hot to trot, when I’m sociable and when he should just leave a cup o’ tea outside my office and take a long shift at work, his life is a whole lot sweeter.

So what’s his secret? He has cracked my Lady Code. (NOT a euphemism.) He knows how I roll, because he knows my cycle. And his area of expertise? The pre-menstrual phase. Now, this should be everyone's area o' expertise. Yep, the phase of our cycle associated with PMS, mood swings, sugar and carb cravings and crazy pain actually contains a totally amazing opportunity for you.

Consider what would your life be like if:

You knew you could trust your intuition to guide you in making big-ass life decisions? Your bullshit detector was set to maxim-o? Your psychic abilities were heightened? You could make bitchcraft a positive thing? You could move through creative blocks, meet deadlines and get super-organised? You had the power to spot a problem and the creative fire and inspiration to fix it?

Good news: when you work with your menstrual cycle, and not against it, you get the opportunity to be an charmed and potentially a li’l bit dangerous (when I say dangerous, I’m talking the truth-telling enchantress kind) EVERY month.

Yep, there is an 8 to 10 day period of time, each cycle, from day 21 through to the day you bleed, when you become a truth seeking, cut the bullshit, mistress o’ bitchcraft – if these powers aren’t harnessed, there’s a chance they can manifest as pain, anger or perceived craziness, but if you’re able to work with them? Lady, you become a super-charged, power source for truth. Your intuition and psychic abilities heighten making you a charmed and dangerous enchantress. Basically, you’re hot shit.

In this 60 minute webinar/live class, you will gain access to phase three o’ the four-part lady code.

We will explore pre-menstruation in super-practical ‘what’s going on in my body?’ terms, we’ll delve deep into the secrets, myths and archetypes that this part of your cycle evoke, how you can use them to activate your SASSY – Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual, Sensational YOU – and discover how you can piece it all together to unlock your Charmed & Dangerous superpower (my very favourite power – what can I say? I’m a witch!) and use it for good in your business, in your relationships, and in your life.


What you’ll learn in this 60-Minute Lady Code Class:

  • The phase of the waning moon in relationship to the pre-menstrual phase of the menstrual cycle
  • What you totally rock at in this phase
  • What you need to do to acknowledge, explore and express yourself fully in this phase
  • What you need to NOT do if you’re going to leverage your awesomeness
  • Step-by-step advice on how to access your Charmed and Dangerous superpower

Time: 8pm GMT - Not in the UK? Use this time zone buddy to check what time I’m live where you’re at Date: Thursday April 17th 2014

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