“...Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You...” - Dr Suess

At the weekend, the beau and I took a road trip along the coast to Brighton, one of my most favourite places here in the UK, and as well as reading books under a blanket on the beach, eating the best banana split EVER in the American Diner, and watching the sun do that thing it does at the end of every day in the most beautiful o' ways, I had a tarot reading. She was good and I was rather taken by her, but something she made a point of telling me, that really struck a chord, is that in order to appreciate, and fully embrace my life, I need to do it my way, I need to Do Me. Now, I've been starting to dabble in the doing of me, without apology, for the last few years, and I like it. A lot. Other people? Not always. Society? Not so much.

For me, Doing Me, both in work and life, involves treading a muddy path in killer heels, sometimes literally, mainly because I'm a big mass o' contradictions. I want to accept myself and change myself, I want to be taken seriously, but take myself less seriously, I want to be organised and focused but allow myself to play and dream big dreams too. As well as this inner-conflict, friends, family and society don't always make 'doing you' an easy task either. As I've flown my very own Lisa flag - spoke out, tried new things, stepped up, stayed under the duvet on days when I should be doing something else, changed my mind, wore interesting ensembles - it's created everything from worry and concern to envy, annoyance and ridicule.

For some, doing you will be super-inspiring, they'll get the biggest buzz from the positive vibin' you'll put out from doing your thing, and doing it your way - whether it's in work, your attitude, the outfits you wear, the way you speak, the way you live life. For others though, it will force them to take a look at their own situ's, which can sometimes be uncomfy, it can make them envious of what you've got and what you're manifesting in the world, or for some, you'll be so far removed from anything they now understand, that they'll result to ridicule and judge-y behaviour.

Thing is, what other people think of you and your actions is none of your business. Doing you will piss people off.  It will also absolutely totally inspire people too. I'm not saying it's easy, stepping up and stepping out will always provoke reactions in others. It also means you'll mess up and you'll make mistakes too - I know I do, ALL the time -  but when you're doing you, both in business and life, you're 100% real and taking full responsibility for the awesomeness that is YOU - High bloody fives to that!