Deadlines, rituals + binge watching Netflix


Yesterday was day 1 of my bleed + I spent it crying.

I was missing my mumma, I was crying because I wasn’t one, I was crying for not feeling mothered, basically there was a mother theme going on. I then binge watched the new Netflix series Grace + Frankie, which is a really beautiful telling of how women experience the latter part of their life as invisible + unseen and I cried a LOT at that too.

I cried for ladykind yesterday + I ate chocolate. Obvz.

Now, ideally if we were rocking it like the Priestesses o’ old, I’d be taking this entire bleed time to hook up with my sisters in the Red tent, we’d talk, we’d rest, we’d receive direct downloads from the divine/spiritual homegirl/universe, and we would truly honour the awesomeness of our bleed, our fiercely feminine SHE power.

Except today, day 2, I have work to do.

I share this because in Code Red, I talk about how I DO kick it like a Priestess at bleed time, I DO take time out at my bleed + a big question I get asked is, ‘but It’s easy for you to take time out – you’re self-employed, you work at home in your PJs - how do you take care of yourself if you’ve got a 9 to 5 job?’

I won’t lie, I do wear a LOT of below the desk ‘leisure wear’ and when my endometriosis was crazy-painful, creating a business from home was the only option, and it is significantly easier to take time out and organise work accordingly when you’re the boss and you teach this work, I get it.

But in the same ways that I know many of you have to work 9-5 days, there are times like today, when I have a deadline.

The good news is, if you DO have to work during your bleed, there ARE tools + rituals you can use to bring you into direct communion with your SHE power, that allow you to give a lil nod to your bleed and keep yourself nourished and loved on even when you’ve got to answer the phone, send off emails and fetch your boss’ coffee.

Scent-sational - finding or making a scent that you wear or work with at menstruation would definitely get the Mary Magdalene seal of approval. Start by choosing a sacred fragrance or two (pure essential oils) to work with. My favorite oils are the sacred, grounding and charming scents of frankincense, sandalwood, vetiver and rose absolute. So enchanting, so enlivening, these are the perfumes of the goddess. (I’m currently in the process of creating SHE Scents for each phase of the cycle – those of you coming to my July workshop will be the first to try them out! They’re going to be DEE-LISH! )

Anoint your temples and forehead, behind your ears and on your wrists. With each dab, remember your divinity and all that you are capable of. If you have morning affirmations say them while you’re doing it. If you have a mantra think it here, just for a few moments. Bring your hands to your nostrils, close your eyes and breathe in deep. Melt into the intoxicating aroma. Let it fill you up and live inside you. Add another dab to the nape of your neck. Hold your hands over your chest with love for your body and all that it does. Le sigh.

Time for Tea - prepare a flask of tea, steeping herbs that nourish the feminine (if you’re not a herb girl, you can buy blends in most supermarkets called ‘female toner’ or ‘healthy cycle’ which is lovely for this time, or to keep it simple, use the herb ‘red raspberry leaf’, or maybe a little hibiscus if you want it red.) Then, during the day make time to pour the tea into a beautiful glass or mug you love + sip it slowly. Imagine all your body’s tension flowing out with your blood, and that nourishing love is filling your body with each sip! Breathe in gently and exhale all your troubles, let the steam from your cup comfort you, smell the tea, taste it openly, and allow its nurturing medicine to soothe you.

Paint it red – When I create my own make-up brand - it’s totally going to happen, it’s on the vision board – I will create a ‘Magdalene Red ‘a shade that will suit EVERY woman and she’ll be able to wear it when she’s bleeding and it will start a #bloodyconversation as it will be know throughout lady-kind that when it’s worn, g-friend is in her SHE power – rarrrr!

‘Til then, pick your favourite shade o’ red lipstick or nail varnish – I LOVE painting my nails to signify my bleed, but if you don’t dig on the make up, buy or choose a pendant or a scarf that will be a signifier to the world that ‘I am bleeding for five days or more AND I’m not going to die, how freakin’ awesome am I?!!’

Do you have any bleed time rituals? I’d LOVE to hear them! Come share them in the comments over at FB or post pictures of your rituals on instagram using the hashtag #coderedrituals