The Bloody Basics: Day 5 - Caution: Menstruating

The #BloodyBasics is a 5 part blog series introducing you to the wonders o’ menstruation.Yep, over the next five days I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING you need to know about riding your crimson wave  – how to chart your cycle and discover your monthly super powers, natural ways to deal with endometriosis + PCOS, nutrition for PMS, how the pill is making you bat-shit cray-cray, amazing period apps that will help you know yourself better – SO. BLOODY. GOOD.


My lady parts have not always been good to me. For most of my menstruating years, it has been a place of serious dis-ease in my body - Pre Menstrual Dismorphic Disorder, Endometriosis, PolyCystic Ovaries Syndrome - have all taken up space in my lady parts causing me pain + discomfort, making me grumpy and not nice to be around,  forcing me to get a reputation as a flake because pain/flooding would mean I'd have to pull out of social + work commitments at the last minute. In fact, it broke me. I broke so hard and I lost everything. I lost my home, my career nose dived because I could no longer write the words I was being asked to write, my endometriosis hospitalized me, in fact, I lost any idea of who I actually was, and in writing this, I now see why. I had to lose everything to find my way home to myself. If I didn’t break I wouldn’t of gone on the ten year adventure that has been an exploration of my lady landscape, I wouldn’t have discovered the amazing power of my cycle, I wouldn’t have trained with incredible teachers in menstruality, fertility and womb wellness, I wouldn’t be sharing what I know with you right now.

Just know that when you don’t honour your cycle, your body, your womb, yourself - you will always break. Sometimes right away, sometimes a year or five later, but you will break because this is the way of the feminine. If you do not work with your cycle, you work yourself into a place of depletion whether it’s shooting for the top rung of the career ladder or whether it’s keeping your shit together for the sake of your brand/family/parents/lover or any of the gazillion possibilities inbetween that women do in order NOT to break. Thing is, if you ignore your cycle - the monthly ebb and flow of your moods, the chance to create and let go, the opportunity that we are given EVERY month to give our body, mind and spirit exactly what it needs in the phase that it needs it, you will break, because ignoring your cycle is ignoring SHE, the divine feminine, and basically, she’ll keep encouraging you to break until, like the Hindu goddess Akhilanda, you become never NOT broken. I wrote about Akhilanda in my previous book SASSY, and I talk about her in most workshops, because when we, as women, realize we’re never NOT broken, we stop using those broken pieces as a way to cut, shame and punish ourselves for not being good enough and instead we see that the space between the beautiful broken shards is our place to learn and grow. You know those moments when you feel useless and like you can’t do anything right? Those raging pains you experience during pre-menstruation? The need to receive outside validation from others to prove your self-worth? They are ALL your heart, womb and body’s way of letting you know that something isn’t cool, that you’re suppressing an emotion or belief that isn’t serving you and unless you address it, it will come back bigger and badder each and every month ‘til you do. It's how SHE rolls.

If you suffer from any lady part dis-ease, if you bleed so heavy you can't leave the house, if your cortisol levels are CRAZY high because you subject yourself to stress and worry (particularly during your pre-menstrual phase) or if you want to gouge me in the eye with a spoon for trying to speak positively about the menstrual cycle when your personal experience is so painful and debilitating - I URGE you to sign up for the next cycle of Explore Your Lady Landscape. (I will obviously ask you to put the spoon back in the cutlery drawer, because I like my eyes.) It kicks off under that big ol' full moon on Sunday 1st Feb and is the culmination of EVERYTHING I know about working with cycles - the seasons of mumma nature, the moon and your menstrual cycle - to create a bloody amazing life. It's ancient feminine wisdom made completely relevant for modern day women who juggle careers, bubbas and all that stuff that means we're no longer showing ourselves the big love + attention we need and require.

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