Daring Dame: Rebecca Campbell


11021155_915084728525771_8752992594515581235_nI LOVE surrounding myself with women who lift me higher, Daring Dames who inspire the shit out of me, which is why I'm welcoming Rebecca Campbell to the #SHEcoven.

Drawing on her experience as an award-winning advertising creative director at a Fortune 500 holding company, Rebecca is here to awaken ladykind to the calling of their soul.  She believes that we all have an inner light within us that is waiting to guide us through our lives. Our purpose is to connect with that light and to shine it in a way that only we can.

She's a soulful writer, intuitive spiritual mentor + inspirational speaker + is one of Hay House's freshest voices, her book Light Is The New Black is out July 2015. (I've had a sneaky peek, and damn, that book cracked me open, SO. FREAKIN'. GOOD. Put it on your pre-order list NOW!)

Your new book Light is the New Black, is a heart opener, Rebecca, what called you to write it? The book opens with a quote from the Dali Lama about how the world will be changed by western women, and I agree with him. We’re being called to rise up. A lot of us are hiding in the spiritual closet, for a long time, I used to be in there myself. I was devoted to my spiritual practice but I kept my two worlds separate – only confessing my true beliefs to people I felt safe with, which conveniently was not many.

By the time 2011 came along my metaphysical book collection was almost as big as the Akashic Records. I’d done every course under the sun, worked with some of the best spiritual teachers and was qualified in several intuitive and healing modalities. But still I kept my worlds separate. It wasn’t until 2012, after my life had completely crumbled, because I don’t think anyone makes big spiritual shifts when they’re living a happy life, it’s only when you go through huge turmoil that you start searching for answers. I’d spent years in the super-masculine advertising industry inhabiting the masculine do-er energy, that I began to surrender to the feminine flow of allowing - I came out of my spiritual closet and started working as a full-time intuitive coach with a knowing that I needed to contribute, that I needed to be the light and share it and help other women to do the same. I want this book to be a reminder to women that our only job is to keep coming back home to ourselves. Over and over again.

You talk about Light Sourcing - what is it and how can we do it? I used to be a total dabbler. I threw myself into loads of different things, but I’d often feel overwhelmed with all of the stuff I “should” be doing. Meditation, journalling, yoga, cutting cords – you name it, I tried it – it felt like I needed a whole extra life to get it all done. And because I didn’t have a routine of showing up without fail every day, when I had a super crappy or busy day, my spiritual practice was the first thing to slide (which was actually when I needed it the most).

Sourcing was first introduced to me by my mentor Sonia Choquette. I loved it because it was so easy (and only took 10 minutes, which let’s face it, helps). From the very first moment I Sourced, I had the most amazing feeling of coming home. It was so familiar. And the craziest thing: I all of a sudden remembered that when I was a little girl I used to Source in bed or while I was at the beach without even knowing I was doing it.

Sourcing is a form of meditation where you put yourself into receiving mode. It’s an ultimate prayer of surrender, where you connect back with the universal Source energy and allow yourself to rest, be filled up and receive all of the gifts that The Universe has for you. To allow yourself to receive all of the gifts that you already have within you. To connect with the amazing light energy that is on offer to us at all times (but often we look outside of ourselves to find it). To nurture your inner light and give it the fuel to shine as bright as humanly possible.

All you need to do Source is open your heart, breathe and receive. When we Source we open ourselves up to the universal energies of divine love, light and truth. You connect with your higher self and allow yourself to be filled up with whatever it is that you need. It’s like taking a drink at the well of your unlimited self. For less than 15 minutes, you hand over the things that you are striving for, struggling with, trying to heal and allow yourself to be replenished by the never ending supply of source energy. It’s the ultimate act of surrender. (if you head over to Rebecca's site: www.rebeccacampbell.me and sign up to her newsletter, you'll receive a Light Sourcing download for free.)

images-4I LOVE your ‘How I got published’ story, please share it with us... Deep down I knew what my dream was (to be a published Hay House author) but I was waiting for some external force to choose me, to pick me, to grant me permission to be that. And because I’d so carefully built my life around hiding it I felt completely trapped and desperate to be seen.

Then the best thing in the entire world happened. The life I had tried so carefully to hold together came crumbling down. I had a miscarriage, my boyfriends long fight with depression got worse and worse, one of my dearest dearest friends passed away suddenly, followed by another a couple of months later, my relationship that had lasted my whole adult life (11 years) ended after six years of trying to hold it together. On the other side of the world, away from my family and friends, I felt desperately alone and at times could not see any way out of it. I moved into a new house (which was also crumbling around me) and I began putting the pieces of my life back together. It was the most horrible 18 months of my life. But I am so blessed to have had it. I am so grateful to have had it. I was forced to start again and build my life in alignment with who I truly was.

Then I was sitting on my couch in my London flat feeling so content writing a chapter of my book. The chapter I was writing was about how while my biggest dream would be to be published by Hay House I was not going to wait for some external force to share my message. I had already waited too long. It was freaking time already! I wrote about how I had realized that it was none of my business what happens with my message, only that I do my bit and share it. As I loudly punched these words into my laptop my phone rang. I almost didn’t answer it because I was so committed to getting this message down. When I picked up the phone I was absolutely speechless (aside from a few swear words) to discover it was Michelle from freaking Hay House on the other end of the phone offering me a book deal. Holy shit sweet Mary Magdalene!

I’ve learned that if you have a message that you long to share, don’t wait for permission to have it acknowledged, approved or to get it out there, When you devote your life to your message, The Universe can’t help but support you.

Rebecca is speaking at Hay House Ignite this weekend, and her new book Light is the New Black is out in July. To find out more about Rebecca and to download a free Light Sourcing tool, head over to: www.rebeccacampbell.me