DARING DAME: Polly Noble

There are many reasons to dig Polly Noble. She's an author, she does make-life-better work and she's a two-time cancer survivor. Having been diagnosed twice by the age of 28, she went on a kick-cancer's-ass mission to heal herself naturally. Now, if ever there was a story to make you think twice about the food you eat and how changing it up can make you happier and healthier, this is it.

Polly is sassy-fication in action. She's a one-woman powerhouse inspiring and motivating others to create health and happiness and quite frankly, she kicks ass. She also does it whilst looking ridiculously glam and gorgeous. I want the recipe for that smoothie, pronto.

Describe yourself in a tweet... Self-confessed juice junkie, healthy heroine, author, kick-ass cancer survivor who loves all things animal print and heart-shaped hoping to leave the world a better place than when I found it. Mum to one cute Maltipoo Mimi!

I've just finished your book - AMAZING - for those that don't know, can you tell us about how your cancer journey began? I was diagnosed with cervical cancer aged 24; a 3cm tumour which had already spread to the surrounding lymph nodes in my pelvis. There’s no cancer in the family, no pre-disposition, no idea why! I had conventional treatment which shrunk the cervical tumour but it came back in my lymph nodes in my neck.

What convinced you to choose the healing path that you have? Over the course of 7 years since I was first diagnosed, I have read a lot of books, researched various cancer treatments and studied at The Institute of Integrative Nutrition. And what I discovered was that my body was in dire need of detoxification and super nourishment. I believe you have to address the underlying issues and cause of disease in order to really heal once and for all whereas conventional treatment only treats the symptom. And it’s not just about what you eat, it’s what you drink, what you think and how you are living your life. Two books that were instrumental in my belief the body can heal itself are “You Can Heal Your Life” and “The Journey”. These two women healed their own cancers by dealing with the emotional root cause and looking at what was really going on under the hood!

Reading your book has given me a much different perspective as to how I'd deal if I, or a loved one was diagnosed with cancer, do people come to you for advice and what do you say? Everyone’s journey is different. For some, going down the allopathic route is the only way, for others they prefer an integration of the two. I always say that you have to make your own decision based on the information you have at the time. I wish I had known 7 years ago what I know now as I may have not chosen to have chemo and radiotherapy but unfortunately I didn’t, so I have to accept that. Only you know in your heart what you are capable of and what’s right for you so as much as loved ones will have an opinion about what you should do, you have to trust your own intuition, be selfish and do what’s right for you. Once a diagnosis hits, it has to be ALL about you!

What are your biggest life lessons? Wow. Big question. Through my own mistakes and life experiences I would say the following:

To always follow your heart - it always knows best.

To always speak your truth.

Only do what makes you happy.

Crying, anger, joy, laughter and vulnerability are what make us human. Feel the feeling and let it go.

What, if any, are your daily spiritual practices? I’ve recently started doing Morning pages again ( http://pollynoble.com/2012/04/why-journalling-is-good-for-you/) which help me to bust through the blocks and deal with the moany, bitchy part of me that wants to complain about stuff. Meditation is also super important for me as this gives me space to connect to my true essence and be reminded that Im more than my body and more than my mind. Drinking juice is also a spiritual practice for me because it’s my medicine!

You recently went to visit John of God - can you tell us why you went and a little insight into the experience? It was a very last-minute and random decision to go but I went because I had a flare up on my neck that I felt I needed help with. It was a very interesting experience and still one that I’m pondering on and it certainly was an eye-opener!I’m always open to trying new paths and I figured it couldn’t hurt!

Your story, and the work you do now, has had a huge impact on how I think about health, what are your 5 make-life-better tips you could give SASSY readers about the importance of looking after our bodies and our health?

  1. Eat consciously. A clean, green diet is where it’s at in terms of optimum wellness. Flooding your cells with vitamins, minerals, enzymes and super-sexy oxygen boosts immunity, improves mental clarity, positivity and improves energy levels.
  2. Move your ass! Exercise helps the body flush out the toxins, kick-start the immune system and get the lymph system pumping. Whether you are a yoga bunny, kickboxing fanatic or just prefer a leisurely stroll, get your body moving!
  3. Practice stillness. Everything exists within a larger context. The chair you’re sitting on, the computer you are reading this on, the glass you are drinking from. It’s all stuff. Stuff exists within space. Take time to notice the space around the stuff and the stillness that is omnipresent. Take time to tune in to it and let it be your guide. In the stillness, you’ll find that peace exists.
  4. Deal with the mind monkeys. The fear and uncertainty around your illness can often be paralyzing, so it’s important to manage them and realize you are not your thoughts. Drop the fear-based thinking and choose positive and loving affirmations instead.
  5. Get some Zzzzzz! Sleep is essential for health because when we get enough quality sleep, our body repairs and renews itself helping it to work at optimal level. Without enough sleep, your immune system gets a battering and your body struggles to carry out it’s functions to keep you well.

What's your absolute truth? That every choice we make defines our experience of life. That nothing is permanent and that everyone is making it up as they go along!

What 5 songs would be on a Polly soundtrack to life? Heart and Soul - Gary Go Take Me Home - Country Roads - John Denver The Show - Lenka Give Me Everything - Pitbull Firework - Katy Perry

What's your life motto? Go green, get clean.Become a green juice junkie!

Quick fire, slightly frivilous round: What's your favourite: Movie: How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days Food: Pancakes! Hang out: Saf Restaurant London City: New York Beauty item: Mascara Book: Apart from mine?! ;o) Anything by Martha Beck Album: Right now, it’s Birdy by Birdy

Who are your Daring Dames and how do they inspire/motivate/kick yo' butt? Kris Carr who is doing an amazing job of living well with Stage IV cancer and writing bestselling books. Gabrielle Bernstein (http://pollynoble.com/2012/04/gabrielle-bernstein-rockin-the-uk/) who is a modern day cool cat teaching us how to live fearlessly. My healing soul sister, Jessica Ainscough (http://www.thewellnesswarrior.com.au/) who continues to amaze me with the love, balance and wellness she exudes as she heals her cancer naturally. Melissa Ambrosini (http://pathtowellness.com.au/) who inspires me through her Instagram photos to have more FUN and see my friends more! Marie Forleo who motivates me to think big, play big, and be unapologetically me.

What does being SASSY mean to you? It means being yourself at all times, confident, cool, happy in your own skin and not afraid to make a fool of yourself for the sake of FUN!

To check out the awesomeness that is Polly or to buy a copy of her book, go visit her site: www.pollynoble.com