Do you listen to your gut? You'll know if you do, because it's your internal GPS, it's your guide towards awesome. It gives you a prod if something isn't quite right, it gives you a gentle nudge in the direction of success, but in order for that to happen in the best way possible, you have to know how it works. Laura Day is the go-to girl for all things intuition. Celeb-types like Brad Pitt and Nicole Kidman LOVE her, and I totally understand why, because she demystifies intuition so that you can use your innate intuitive abilities to create profound changes in your lives, which is pretty freakin' awesome, non? Laura will be in the UK hosting a workshop in Practical Intuition at the mind body spirit festival, which will be taking place at Earls Court, London from the 30th May to 4th June. It's a chance to experience your intuitive power with Laura who's a world renowned healer and 'The Psychic of Wall Street'. She may have been interviewed by the likes o' Oprah and hung out with Brad Pitt, but right now she's getting SASSY. Come and meet her, my intuition tells me you'll dig her.

Describe the awesomeness that is Laura Day in a tweet (140 characters or less) I never lost the awareness that we are all one energy and events, abundance, feeling, fortune is created by our intention and the strength of our connection to our oneness/everythingness. I write books which are really workshops to help people find this power within them and use it to create better lives and a stronger community.

[quote style="boxed" float="none"]Our challenges are our teachers, and each person's unique journey allows them to be a teacher for others. [/quote]

I love that you want to make us the experts of our own lives so that we no longer need experts to tell us how to do it. Now, I am a self-confessed self-help book junkie, how can I ditch them and become the go-to girl of my own life? The gift of intuition is it's/your ability to use it to come up with your own 'play-book' in life. There is no one answer for everybody in every situation and intuition uses your tools to confront your challenges, finding abilities that you have forgotten that allow you to re-create your life and yourself. Our challenges are our teachers, and each person's unique journey allows them to be a teacher for others. When we enter life as comrades and teachers our challenges are resolved more quickly and fortunately and we draw what we need to our lives.

I also love the idea of doing ANYTHING and EVERYTHING from the comfort of my couch - I have an AMAZING couch - so I'm excited by your book Laura - what's your favourite thing that you do to rule your world from your couch? I love body heat telepathy and healing. The ability to send loved ones, or even strangers, comfort, pleasure and excitement feeds the sender as well. I travel a great deal and this allows me to always be close to the people I care about and support them even at a distance.

How did you first discover the power of your own intuition? My only discovery was that other people were not aware that they had this powerful part of themselves which is really our connection to all being and to one another

How do you tap into it? Is it always on? No one is ever not intuitive however you can target, focus on the issues, relationships and interests that you care about and it pretty much blocks out most of the 'static'. Of course when I work for someone else I block out everything except what they want to know about or what is coming up for them. Doing this for another is a skill that has to be shut on and off. The off switch is a technique which I call in THE CIRCLE embodying. Embodying allows intuition to re-set your signal to your own life, cares and future and put most of your attention and energy on creating for yourself through the same connection that allows you to read others in the first place!

You work with big business types, how do you get past what they may consider woo-woo to get to the juicy good stuff, the results? Business likes results. If you are accurate they don't care where the information comes from. Successful companies are intuitive ones as only intuition allows us to prepare for the future now. I also don't try to sell a philosophy. I am hired to serve the company's best interests and every family, company, community has it's own 'religion' which I respect. For myself, I only work for companies I like and believe in.

What makes you happy? My son, teaching, my beloved, working and being part of a mutually supportive community. Food isn't bad either! You're a pretty big deal with the famous types, Laura - what is it about you and your work do you think that makes them respond to you so passionately and open-heartedly? I try to give every person, student and commitment all of my passion and my open heart. I have been fortunate to often receive both in return.

I love hearing about Daring Dames, inspir-o women, do you have any women in the world that you look to and go 'shit, they're freakin' amazing?' Brooke Ellison and her family. I met her the day she had been hit by a car in middle school. She lost the use of her body from the neck down and needs a respirator to breathe. now, decades later, she is a Harvard graduate, getting a masters degree and wants to serve in public life, The Ellison's are a close knit family who share what they have with one another and the community. They are all people who serve the greater good and they have taken a tragic incident and made it an inspiration for others

What's your secret to success? I love. I experience love and I never forget that the core of all joy is that very complex, essential connection. I don't expect life to be easy and when I am challenged I do not hide (well maybe a little at first). I strive to be honest in all of my dealings as the moment, especially as a teacher, you hide your failings you can no longer teach honestly or learn empowered by the support of others.

You're going to be in London at the MBS festival, what can we expect to see from you at the event? Last year I had a room full of amazing people sharing their healing and their intuition with one another and changing each others lives. I was able to read some people in the group and I was so touched by the fact that people sent me both their readings and healing for me and my family.

What's your favourite... Book: Chef's night out- Karen Page/Andrew Dornburg City: New York, Rome (my homes) Website: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/ Magazine: Newsweek Lipstick: Clinique spiced apple Music/artist: Samson Day (my son the photographer)

Finally, what does the term 'sassy' mean to you? Sassy is spice without tartness.

Find out more about Laura, her work, her books, her awesomeness at: www.howtoruletheworldfromyourcouch.com

Book tickets for Laura's event, or find out more about the Mind Body Spirit Festival at: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk