Daring Dame: Cate Mackenzie

I fall in girl-crush at least three times a day, but when I interviewed Cate Mackenzie, I fell hard.Cate is a super-hot redhead with a big, beautiful full-to-the-brim heart. She's a coach, an artist a love fairy, a teacher, a speaker, and generally, a delicious slice o' awesome pie.

Cate believes that what people really want in their lives is often very simple and can be summed up in three words: happiness, love and purpose. She believes that when you open your heart it will reveal to you what really makes you happy and what your purpose is. And as you follow this path, you will become open to love and allowing people into your life.  You can see why I dig her, right? Cate, you are a love coach - best title ever - what exactly is a love coach? I chose to call myself a love coach because I want people to love themselves, come into their heart not just their head, come into their potential, and opening up what's been previously blocked. People come to me for lots of different reasons, maybe they want to find their soul mate, or have a successful creative career, they express their wishes, their dreams, and as they start to discover themselves and by getting to know themselves, their bodies, they are able to follow their dreams, and the partner/creative career that they've dreamed or wished for, comes along. When we go into the heart, we can begin to see what's possible.

Why is that? Because we're being witnessed. All we need is a witness. If someone feels loved enough and know that they're being witnessed on the journey, they're able to fully participate in life. Let yourself follow your body, love your body and start to see it as your home, a resource that can help you shift so much, it's also where you hold onto stuff, so when you're in your body, you can become aware of what's wrong much more quickly in order to work with it.

What components to we need to have a healthy full-to-the-brim heart? Ask yourself the following questions:

Are you living your truth? Have a look at your life, do you wake up happy about work? About your reflection in the mirror, the amount of money you have in the bank? If not, what elements don't feel good? It can be scary to look at these things, but allowing yourself to look, gives you the opportunity to acknolwedge where you're at and what needs tweaking.

How is my creativity? What is my fruit? It's actually a human need to bear fruit, we all need to feel like we're contributing, supporting and serving the world, how is your fruit feeling?

What inspires you? What's your power, who and what plugs you in? If you know what your power source is, you can plug in your battery regularly and you'll feel powered up to to do the things you do. People who achieve what they want have a support network and know what their power source is.

How do I make a decision from a heart place? Regularly ask yourself 'if I had no fear, what would I do?' Check in with your body how does it feel? Then listen to your heart, then you can get the mind involved - do this whenever you have a big decision to make. Your heart will bring up so much information if you're willing to really get to know yourself, I have free meditations to heart on my website www.catemackenzie.com

How did you discover this work? As a young child I felt open hearted, then around 12/13 I had a few difficult experiences and my heart shut down to guard myself. I literally prayed asking to be reminded of what sweet, sweet love felt like. I remembered having had an experience with love, and wanted to know why I no longer had that. A few difficult experiences can make us shut down, and then we may be too afraid, or not even know how, to open it back up again, to feel and experience love in all it's forms. It wasn't until I began to run workshops in community settings using all the arts, that my heart began to melt. It opened me up to working with people, who like me, needed to know that it was safe to love again, safe to take a risk and to dream again, so I created Open Your Heart workshops for the mainstream, and then began coaching individuals too.

How is life different when you connect to your heart? It becomes a magical journey. I wanted to spread love around the world, and I paint pictures of the heart, when I asked the universe for them to go around the world, they were bought by Ikea, so literally as Ikea is the only completely global brand, they literally went all round the world!

You're the queen o' manifestation! We all are. On the journey to opening the heart, we get what we're open to. I wanted to go into TV, and the universe prepped me, it gave me the baby steps I needed to be ready for the bigger experiences, if we have it when we're ready, it flows better. When we move more into ourselves, we become stronger, more boundried, more powerful and able to move into a bigger space for our lives to grow.

What's your personal spiritual practice? I meditate for half hour in the morning, I write, I read from inspiring, uplifting books everyday, I'm grateful, and I dance for half an hour - it calms my body and brings everything into balance.

What's your truth? Follow your heart. I've always done it, and what's amazing is that it's always worth it. In certain ways, I've never had an option, when I was working in community arts, it was not highly paid, but it was always, always absolutely worth it. To feel good about what you're doing feels amazing.

How do you connect with your sensual self? I bathe regularly with oils and candles, take massages, enjoy sacred sexual touch with my partner, I make lovely food and I love dressing up, I only wear dresses and love getting my hair done, sensuality should be sacred to all women, because how you are with your sensuality is a mirror of how you are with others...

Who's your inspiration? My granny, Hazel Adair. She was a pioneer in soap opera, she wrote for women, at a time when it was really tough to be a woman. Her writing about, and for, women was ahead of her time, yet she's only just started to gain recognition for it, she was the most influential TV writer to change women's lives in the 1940/1950s.

People say it doesn't matter not being recognised for the work you do, but the soul is unhappy being unseen. It's not about being famous it's about being seen. Every person deserves to be witnessed. when you're witnessed properly everything flourishes.

Watch this amazing video with Cate's granny, Hazel Adair, superhero writer-woman: www.youtube.com/watch?v=XxAUdz6vPq0

Advice for SASSY readers on living with an open heart... Stay open to the magick - life goes up and goes down, if you've got tools to get you back on track and ground you, the downs don't have to be for a long time. Be a women who is thrilled about being a woman, it's the future.

To find out more about the gorgeous Cate, go to her website: www.catemackenzie.com She will be hosting a workshop Opening Your Heart to Bliss at the Mind Body Spirit festival in London, on 30th May, 2012 at 12.00 until 2.00pm for more details, head over to the Mind, Body Spirit website: www.mindbodyspirit.co.uk