Dance at your edges

photo"COME TO THE EDGE.""No, we will fall." "COME TO THE EDGE." "No, we will fall." They came to the edge. SHE pushed them, and they flew. - Guillaume Apollinaire

I'm a big fan of comfy. I like nothing more than to wrap myself in a leopard-print slanket, plump up some cushions, get comfy on a sheepskin rug, drink a cup o' liquorice tea and read one of the gazillion reasons I'm not rich, namely books I've downloaded thanks to that pesky '1 click' button. (Damn you, Amazon.) Ahhh, I dig comfy. I'd stay comfy pretty much indefinitely if I could. Except I can't, because it's not an option. SHE is calling. Sometimes, I wish g-friend could just pick up the phone, y’know? All she'd have to do is shout: ‘Lisa, this is how it is. I need you to unpack, decode and articulate what it is to be a woman and then share it with the world, yeah? Oh, and if you could also make ancient feminine wisdom accessible to modern day ladykind? Well that would be all kinds o’ awesome too. Ciao chica!’ ‘Cept that’s not how SHE rolls. I'm a called girl. I'm here to start fires and SHE demands that us called girls do. the. fucking. work.

Because…well, there is a whole lot o' work to do. Shakti is awakening. Stories yearn to be shared. Truths dare to be told. Voices demand to be claimed.

Which is why shit is changing around here. I'm stepping into my SHE-power. I'm creating new SHE-led programmes. Truth juice is being spilt. I'm setting boundaries, strengthening my banks in work, and in life. I'm writing a book that scares the shit out o' me. (Not in a horror kind o' way, more of a 'woah, this is my heart singing it's soul tune' kinda way.) I'm opening my heart to ALL the possibilities. And I won't lie, it's uncomfortable. 'The work' is not easy. It's not 9 to 5. It's not household chores. It can be messy, and it's painful. Which is why there's a definite pull to the comfort and ease of what's known. I could read books all day. And really, there are probably not enough days left in my life to read every 1-click purchase that has made it's way to my kindle. I could stay in the overwhelming grief and sadness of this year. I could let it totally consume me. I could play small. At least I'd stay safe.  Fear, inadequacy and 'who do you think you are?' thoughts are all present, bolshy and loud, as I meet my edges. Over and over. But these edges are where we grow. If we drop the bullshit - the worry, the concerns, the fears, the inadequacy - we can even start to dance at these edges. And when you dance at your edges, alchemical awesomeness like this occurs.

The SASSY SHE Sessions. If you want to become a 'called girl' and unravel, unveil and reveal your SHE power, you will love my new offering. Each month for six months, you  + me + the SASSY SHE (that is quite the threesome) will combine soul medicine, truth and SASSY sorcery to uncover all that is wild, cyclical, fierce and untamed about being a woman. In our immersion together, we’ll go deep. We will laugh, I will probably swear a bit and we’ll explore your lady landscape. That’s not a euphemism, but it totally should be. 

If you've got a story to tell, I invite you to join me in circle from Nov 1st where women o' writing wonder are gathering for a 30 day writing sadhana to create a writing/creative practice they love. I'll share insight, prompts and writer-girl expertise as I write 50,000 words of the new book along with you - are you in?

photo-9 The response to the SASSY SHE oracle cards has blown my freakin' mind, but the big ask has been, 'lady, the cards are pretty and all but where can I buy a SASSY SHE reading?' So here's the deal. SASSY SHE Readings are only available to members o’ the SASSY SHE Sisterhood, membership of the ‘hood is free, and you can find out all about it and sign up here. I post a call out every new moon (the next one is the 3rd November - it's my birthday - all cards and pressies are gratefully received) at 4pm UK time in the ‘hood and nine spots become available. For all the deets, hit up the SASSY SHE readings.

I'm burning in the fire of fear, inadequacy and 'who do you think you are?' I'm dancing at my edges. I'm daring to be real, to show up and be seen.

Are you? 

Authentic, Sensual, SpiritualLisa