Get to know your cycle. No bike required.

cycle imageHow well do you know your cycle?If I were to ask you which day of your cycle you're on, would you know? More importantly, would you even care?

I really got to really know my cycle when I was told nine years ago that I had Endometriosis. At the time I had a contraceptive implant, so I rarely bled; basically, I knew nothing about my cycle.  The doctors advised me to keep the implant, as it would ease the pain. It didn’t. It wasn’t until three years ago, after reading The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? By Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope that I had a MASSIVE revelation about how I was totally dishonouring my power as a woman by medicating my bleed.  I'm no Judge Judy, so there's no judgement at all if you choose to take the pill or not, but if you are on the pill, or take any form of contraception, I urge you to go get yourself a copy of this book. Before I had the contraceptive implant, I was on the pill. So for 15 of my menstruating years, I'd been medicating my bleed. I had no connection AT ALL with my cycle. And what I know now, that I didn't know then is that when you don't connect with your cycle, you're not connecting with your true feminine nature. And when you don't connect with your true feminine nature? Life goes to shit because you're trying to function in the world like dudekind. And while I dig on dudekind a LOT, I don't want to BE one. Yet taking the pill numbed my entire experience of being a woman - the cyclic ebb and flow of emotions, access to my super powers, the energies that are you-nique to each of us that become heightened at specific times of the month and I became totally senseless to the wisdom my body was trying to share with me -  just so that I didn't feel pain or emotions, so that I could mask the fact that I bled from both myself and others and could function more 'normally' in the world. For normal, read masculine. Seriously, it’s no wonder we’re faced with a freakin' epidemic of endometriosis, fertility issues, low libido, PMS, fibroids, and mood swings - we've silenced our direct hook up to our cyclic feminine nature, to our ultimate SHE power. How messed up is that? We know nothing about our cycle. And by not knowing about it, we’re not talking about it. And by not talking about it, we’re perpetuating the myth that our bleed is 'wrong' or 'shameful' and that a huge-ass part of being a woman is unclean. We’re denying ourselves the opportunity to truly know, protect, claim and embody, and most importantly love, being a woman. The more cycle savvy we get, the easier it will be to live in total alignment with your bleed cycle. How?

1. Read these books. If you're on the pill or taking any form of contraception I urge you - in the nicest possible way, obv. -  to read The Pill: Are you sure it’s for you? By Jane Bennett & Alexandra Pope and a recent release Sweetening The Pill: Or how we got hooked on Birth Control by Holly Grigg-Spall - they are both life-changers.

2. Get to know YOUR cyclic nature. Not just the days you bleed, but your entire cycle, what days do you want to curl up in a ball and hide under the duvet? what days are you full of energy and feel like you can take on the world? Start making a note in your diary for the next few months of days when you're rocking out, days when you're teary, days when you want to gouge people's eyes out with a spoon and start to see where the patterns are each month. Forewarned is forarmed and all that, right?

3. Dare to experience it. ALL of it. The ecstatic, orgasmic, anger, pleasure and pain that occurs when you allow your true feminine nature to express herself through your cycle. Feel what it feels like to be in YOUR body experiencing the true expression of what it is to be a cyclic woman. I don't promise many things, but this much I know is true, when you embody your cyclic nature, you have a direct line to your SHE power - and you’re able to fully understand and use your super-powers for good - in relationships, in the bedroom,  it will also make you pretty damn awesome in business, your abundance button will be triggered, and your health will benefit too. can I get a high five?

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