Creating your Goddess Year!

My girl-crushes are wide and out-stretching, but right now, I am crushing super-hard on my gorgeous, gorgeous Goddess-gal pal, Miss Leonie...The reasons for this love fest? Well, where's a girl to freakin' start with this lady o' loveliness, that would be a blog post all of it's own, but mostly, Leonie cups my heart in her beautiful hands, holds it firm and tells me everything is going to be okay, simply by being real and true and speaking from the heart...J'adore this woman. IMG00785-20111202-1916

My main reason for expressing the Leonie love today though is because she's the creatrix o' my most favourite end o' year/start o' new year tool - the 'Creating My Goddess Year workbook and planner' which I spent last night charging with full moon magick...


Each year, I print it out, choose a journal (any excuse to buy stationery, although this year I'm using a beautiful journal gifted to me by my BFF, Miss Cheryl) and then stick in the pages - voila, insta-goddess yearbook!


I'm not the only person who digs my Goddess Yearbook, Grendel the cat is obsesso with my new book, sitting on it, pawing at it, clearly he's feeling the goddess love, why wouldn't he? He's got me as a mumma!


I LOVE this creation o' awesome, mainly because it gives me an opportunity to really think about, and wholeheartedly celebrate all the goodness of 2011. And ohmystars, there's been so many - moving in with, and swapping commitment rings with my hot viking beau, my BFF having a beautiful baby boy, seaside roadtripping, celebrating all the major sabbats in Glastonbury with my gorgeous fam, taking big steps to start my generation GRR revolution - then, and this is the best bit, letting go and releasing the bullshit stuff. I ADORE this bit. I write mine out and then I release it by burning them, that's because that's how I roll, but just writing them out is more than cool too. Then you can move onto the juicy ju-ju - planning 2012! The workbook is filled with over 100 pages of everything a girl needs to help her dream, manifest, set intentions, plan and cultivate an amazing year!

I'm currently working on the wrapping up o' 2011 so that over Hanukkah and yule, while enjoying yummo food, giving thanks, and spending time with friends and fam, I’ll be able to get clarity on what I want to 2012 to look like - what I know for sure is that there will be a lot o' pink, natch., my dreams will be big and beautiful, and will involve lots o' smooch time with my hot viking, it would be rude not to, he's delicious - but apart from that, I have a LOT o' visualising to do, and will be doing it in the pages o' my book o' wonder in a beautiful warm cave of love and laughter in Glastonbury...happy sigh.


Get your copy o' this rainbow-painted workbook and planner combo for the bargainous price o' $9.95 from you owe it to yourself to make sure 2012 is your year o' awesome and this is your absolute must have tool to make it happen!

Authentic, SpiritualLisa