Create your SASSY story o' awesome with the tarot

As I shared in SASSY, I love nothing more than donning my headscarf, rocking a pair of silver hoops and reading the tarot. The gypsy-girl ensemble is not essential, but it's my heritage, and y'know, a girl never needs a reason to play at dress up, right? Anyway, this between time, the time between yule and new year, and with last night's full moon for extra juju, is such a sweet-ass time to do a reading for the year ahead. Some people create a 'theme' for their year, some pick a word, others make resolutions they have the greatest intention of keeping...I read tarot.

I'm a gypsy-witch and love to call on the cards for  guidance, they don't provide the answers, but they do give me insight into how I can  be the mistress o' my own destiny, and I am ALL about that. Now at this time o' year, I do a SASSY reading, you want in on the action?

Here's how to do your own SASSY reading for 2013...

1. Find a set of tarot or oracle cards that call to your big, beat-y heart...I use Alistar Crowley's Thoth tarot, they are my absolute go-to cards. But I also love Lucy Cavendish's Oracle of Shadows and Light and The Ascension Oracle by Lisa B. Magdalena. I'm currently making my own set of SASSY oracle cards with gorgeous goddesses and felt tip pens, so if you're feeling art-girl-like, you could make your own set too. Be warned, I started them last January and  thought I'd have 45 cards by the end of the year, I've created the grand total o' 12 s'far!

2. Set the scene. I light some candles, put on some ommm-y music that appeals to the incense-lovin' hippy-girl in my heart and think about how I might like the year ahead to look, then pull 5 cards.

3. Lay the cards side by side, and turn them up to face you.

4. Each card represents an element of your SASSY.

Card 1 - Spiritual Card 2 - Authentic Card 3 - Sensual Card 4 - Sensational Card 5 - YOU

If you're not a regular tarot or oracle card reader, simply find out the meaning for that card, either online, or in the book provided, and ask yourself how the words/vibin'/imagery can guide that particular part of your SASSY story o' awesome for the year ahead. For example, if you get the Queen o' Disks for Spiritual she could be guiding you to make your nutrition a more ritualistic experience, to make looking after your gorgeous self as much of a priority as making money. If you feel you'd like even more insight, pull another card asking how you can make that happen...

Write down your findings and discoveries, take pix, store it in a journal, put it on a pinboard, and keep reminding yourself of it throughout the year...

You've got to love a li'l gypsy-girl magick at the start of each new year!

BOOK A SASSY READING WITH ME If you don't fancy doing your own reading, but DO want some magickal insight into how to make sure you're the author and leading lady of your story o' awesome in 2013, I am offering, for a limited time only, SASSY tarot readings. I used to offer a tarot  service - I still use it in all my coaching, it's one o' my SASSY power tools - but my new year readings were crazy-popular and over the last few weeks I've had a bunch of emails from gorgeous ladies who I've read for previously, asking if I could bring them back so, due to popular demand - I've always wanted to say that! - I've donned the headscarf and hoop earrings, and I'm offering 25 SASSY tarot readings between now and the 2nd of January 2013.

What you'll get: - I'll ask for a few deets - full name, date and time of birth -  call on the gypsy-witches who have gone before me, tune my own intuitive vibin' to high and together we'll pull a five card spread specifically for YOU and your year ahead. - Each card will represent an element of your SASSY - Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual, Sensational, YOU - and I'll work a li'l magick, shine a sparkly pink spotlight on why this is your guiding card, in that particular area, for you in 2013. The reading will provide individual insight into each area o' your SASSY, as well as presenting an overall spiritual homegirl who will be guiding you in decision making and destiny mistress-ing in 2013 - I'll create a PDF of your reading, along with photos of your spread, for you to download and check in on throughout the year.

What you have to do: Email me at, put 'SASSY reading' in the subject bar, and provide me with your full name and date and time of birth. I'll mail you a paypal invoice for £17.50, you'll perch the merch, and I'll send you your SASSY reading in PDF format on the 2nd January.

Want to gift this service? Email me and we'll make it happen!

REMINDER: There are only 25 readings available and you need to book by the 2nd January - woopla!


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