Crazy Sexy reading


I am an oracle card junkie, I've made my own + I covert those of others on a daily basis.Why? Because seriously, who doesn't love wisdom and insight in the form of delicious art that speaks to your big-beat-y heart? My latest love? Crazy Sexy Love Notes by Kris Carr. I have a total girl-crush on KC (if you don't know her work, you need to go check her out here, she is made o' kale + badass.) + the art work is by the super-talent that is Lori Portka and I am obsessing over them right now, so much so, that in addition to your Moonday SHE, I'm offering up an impromptu Friday reading too using these beauties. After a shuffle, a magical whisper o' love and the simple intention to tell us what we need to know, I did a three card pull because y'know, I'm a witch and three is ALWAYS the magic number:

Something bigger is on the way Ask for help You are loved

What is not to love about this combo? Each card has it's own advice on the back, but my intuitive hit with guidance as always from SHE is:

It's okay. That idea that you've been holding onto super-tightly and then getting really mad that it hasn't happened yet? Loosen your grip, lady. Let go of it needing to manifest in a specific way and repeat the mantra 'this or something better.' What might be appearing as an obstacle or challenge is actually pointing you in a better direction, which is why you have to open up your arms + ask the angels/universe/SHE for help, you don't have to do this, or anything in life alone. The back of this card says 'You're not Superwoman, so there's no need to do it all yourself' - can I get a high five for THAT?!! FYI: Once you start asking for help, looking for signs and acknowledging them when they appear - awesomeness will occur. Promise. In all of this, put down the 'I'm not good enough because it hasn't happened yet' stick and know that you're loved, you are enough and that there is a big-ass and infinite ocean o' LOVE stuff supporting, holding you and whispering 'lady, you're a badass' at ALL times.

If you want your own set, they're available from Hay House + Amazon £12.99