Coming too early and other things that hit my control freak-ery switch

GOOD NEWS: SASSY: The Go-for-it Girl's Guide to becoming Mistress of Your Destiny which was supposed to be released on the 28th September 2012 is available worldwide NOW!

BAD NEWS: This rather awesome news has left the control freak that is me, feeling like the world has turned up on my doorstep and I'm just out of the shower, dripping wet in nothing but a skimpy towel and no make-up

I thought I had a month to prepare. Except now I don't.

My story, my book o' pink wonder, is now out in the world for anyone to read and I haven't even had chance to do my hair or apply a slick o' lip stick.

There was a time when this news would of freaked the fuck out of me. I'd have been bawling, 'but what about publicity? What about the launch party? I'm not even in the country for the most important two weeks of my book's birth, what am I going to do?'  I would of done all this behind closed doors and put on a really rather believable mask to you, my reader, so you thought the whole thing was rolling as it should be, a li'l bit like the Wizard o' Oz, but less emerald green and more hot pink, y'know?

But that would be bullshit. In the book, I talk about the Li'l Miss Perfection mask so many members o' girl-kind try to wear on a daily basis, the mask that encourages others to think, 'wow, that girl has got her shit together' when really, underneath it all, we feel a li'l bit vulnerable, a li'l bit scared. When I dropped that mask, my heart got happy. Why? Because I'd become a BS free zone. It does mean there's nothing left to hide behind though, the option to pretend that I'm a super-oiled book writing/publishing machine who gets it right every time is no longer available. I've got to keep it real. ( Said with total gangsta stylin' while punching my chest with my fist. Uh huh.)

I love helping woman become the author of their own story, but to do that, I can't just share the good bits o' mine, I have to share the truth. And so do you. When you share your truth, when you worry less about what other people will think/want to hear and instead tune into Heart FM - not the cheesy radio station here in the UK , I mean the one that only you can hear. The one that you have exclusive access to 24 hours a day - you're able to learn, help others by sharing what you've learned and create a huge-ass heart print that send ripples o' truth love and awesomeness across the land in an epic storytelling fashion.

So, just so you know, my heart print, my pink book o' wonder, SASSY, is available now - and while it's arrived totally unannounced and weeks ahead of the planned festivities, that's cool, I'm going to rock it out anyway, in my towel, with no make-up on, feeling a bit vulnerable, a lot scared but wearing a big happy smile - who's in?