This is a Code Red situation! (To be said in a super-important voice)


So last week, I received the proof copies o' Code Red - you can watch me do a lil squeal HERE - well, today, Code Red officially launches + I'm not going to lie, g-friend is emotional.(If you've been waiting for this and just want me to cut the crap and hook you up with a link - click HERE li'l miss eager beaver, and know that I totally want to cover your face in hot pink Kat Von D lipstick kisses.)

Now would be a really good time to 'sell' the book to you, but I've done a LOT o' talking about it's contents (I will hook you up with all the deets of all the Code Red interviews I've done over the next few weeks - some are in print, some are watchable, some are listen-in-able - it's not a blog tour, just a series o' big ol' heart, gut + womb convos with women who want to know more, it's been SO juicy!) so instead, I'd like to riff heart-to-heart with you about what writing a book, my SHE story, actually feels like. Y'see, this is the first really big thing I've done without parents in the world, and it's the first book I've written without the backing of a publisher and as I wrote in a previous blog post, it really has been quite the adventure. Throughout the book, as well as providing super practical information on how to really get to know your flow and why that's a really bloody good thing to do, I've been super-honest too, I've shared stories of miscarriage, pain, not having children and my first official meeting with SHE. The big stuff. The real blood and guts of being a woman. The stuff that meant I turned down a contract with a big-deal publisher so I could share it with an open heart and without censoring. And now I feel a li'l exposed. But I know more now than ever that I'm here in this lifetime to expose the truth of what it means to be a woman, and that truth has to start with me. My mumma and I didn't always get on, she was safe and I was rebellious, but I loved the mumma and daughter we became in the last years of her life. But it's only in her death that I can feel such a deep, deep gratitude for all the gifts and teachings she gave me, even though I didn't realise thats what they were at the time. My nanna, my mum's mum, always told me that 'when someone you love dies, you now have an angel you can call by name.'  Now that she's no longer in her body, my mumma is able to support, nurture and guide me in a way that just wasn't possible in human form and for that I am heart-wrenchingly grateful. I still wobble, but at my core I KNOW that I am here to help women explore the blood + guts of being a woman + create a bloody amazing life. I know that involves talking about taboo subjects + making them accessible. I know that pisses some people off because I'm not being sacred/science-y/spiritual enough. The truth is, I no longer care. Cracking your lady code is the first step on an epic journey to the awesomeness that is you - a place where radical rest will become a non-negotiable during bleed time, a place where you'll care less about the numbers on the scale and more about what the dudes in power were up to while you WERE stressing about the numbers on the scale, a place where you'll demand more of what gives you a lady boner, a place where you love your lady landscape + the magic that it is able to create.

So on the day o' my launch as the sun rises, listening to the Devi prayer + making quite a bit o' eye water, I want to thank you. For reading my words, for hearing your story in my own and for daring to share yours - either out loud or in whispered conversations with the divine. I care very little as to whether Code Red is a success in the traditional sense of the word, to me, every story of success is really a story of community + now I feel like, thanks to you, I've lived it. So today ladies, we celebrate.

Join the fun

As part of the celebration, I want to invite you to the following:

  • When you get a copy of the book, snap a picture of you with it and upload it to Instagram. Tag me @sassylisalister and use the hashtag #codered. I’ll randomly be giving away prizes to those who participate or perhaps you can make a meme of your favourite quote from the book + share across social media? Be sure to tag me in it though!
  • Order a copy of the book (paperback or eBook) and you’ll be able to download your free Cycle Repair Kit - SHE Flow yoga videos, playlists, charting kit, cacao recipes + mandalas
  • Join the Code Red circle (you get instant access to a private group when you order the book)