cheerleaders and the pursuit o' passion

So, I'll tell whoever will listen how sweet-tasting and heart-pounding-ly awesome my life has become since I met the beau. The dude rocks my world. And when we do the 'official paper signing that means I get to call myself Mrs Lister' in a few weeks time, when I take him to be my husband and partner in awesome-life-living, I will vow to be his biggest fan, just as he's mine. Don't worry, this isn't a schmaltsy love letter to the beau - we keep our love letter-writing old skool and spill it in ink - this is a love letter to the people that wave pom-poms and cheerlead, support and nurture us in our pursuit o' creativity and passion. I've dated plumbers, RAF dudes and entreprenuers - none of them got it. So, when I found myself engaged and living with a writer-boy, I thought I'd scored big time.

Turns out, not so much.

I won't bore you with the deets, but hooking up with a fellow writer was not the bohemian, coffee-sippin', Parisian creative dream that I'd quite anticipated. I'm sure there are loads o' writer couplings that have worked - please name them for me, prove me wrong! - but this particular one? Well, it bombed spectacularly. I think it hurt more because I thought he, more than anyone, would get it. Dude was a writer, why did he not want to celebrate the fact I was about to publish my first book with a super-swanky global publisher? Er...because he was a writer who wasn't publishing his first book with a super-swanky publisher?!

Retrospect is a beautiful thing.

Anyway, what I've found since being in love with the man that I'm going to marry, is that I am now in love writing.

Steven King said that he used to think that writing was a support system for life, but after years of burn out and losing friendships, he realised it was the other way round. There has to be a life behind your writing, or else the words you create will just be shallow, frivilous and loveless. It makes sense, right? If you're going to write inspiring words that move and encourage others, you are going to have to live an inspired life.

Before I met Rich, I'd finished the last book of my Lola Love series, and was supposed to be 'working' on several different writing projects except, I couldn't find any love for the process. I was doing everything and anything that didn't involve writing, I wasn't making much money and life was lacking love, fun and direction. Meeting the beau changed that up, we went on road trips, hung out in nature, swam in the sea at yule, laughed lots, we shared stories of our passions and dreams, when I told him I wanted to dance burlesque he was like, 'go-for-it, you'll be awesome,' and when I told him I was finally ready to write SASSY, my first grown-up girl book, he gifted me a writer-girl room in his home so I could just..y'know, write.

When I fell in love with the beau, I fell in love with life, and when I fell in love with life, I fell in love with writing all over again. I am a better writer because o' that hot viking beau. I'm a better writer because of my burly-girl gal pals, most importantly, I'm a better writer because of the support I get from you - girls that are reading my books, girls that are signing up to write their book with me, to jam with me, girls that comment on my blog posts or facebook status updates.

Seriously, so many books are written not just because of your writer-girl brilliance, but because of the patience, love and support of a partner/family member/friends/supporters. I used to laugh at musicians and actresses when they'd reel off a long-as-yo'-arm list of people to thank for their success, but now I'm in love with what I do, I get it. No writer-girl is an island, and no writer-girl writes alone.

Love, live life, rock out, be thankful, then write your freakin' book. In that order.

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Authentic, YOULisa