Can you touch your SHE Spot?


I had a massive response to how I was feeling about the writing process of Witch last week + while I've shared a li’l bit about the book writing/publishing process of both Code Red + Love Your Lady Landscape in the past, you have literally been sending out a big-ass care-bear stare style demand via the medium of emails + FB messages wanting the REAL how-to-write-a-book dirty deets. I thought about writing the how-to-write-a-book blog post, but the thing is, to REALLY experience the SHE-led process that I personally go through to write a book, you need to be willing to crack your heart wide-open, trust your gut + most importantly, trust SHEin helping you to find your SHE spot - the spot of total runny honey-like truth, that when accessed can provide SHE medicine for both yourself and the world - and well, there are NO five-point plans for THAT. So I figured if you want the good stuff, let’s get straight to the good stuff, let's talk SHEspot. (For a someone who used to be a burlesque performer, I’m seriously rubbish at the tease.)

What is the SHE Spot?

It’s the crack where the light shines in. It feels exquisitely vulnerable and yet divinely delicious. Think of the best orgasm you’ve ever experienced (and if that wasn’t in the last week at least, go pleasure yourself right now) THAT'S the feeling we’re looking to experience when we hit our SHE spot, ‘k? It is our total runny honey-like truth. It's our soul voice. It’s our SHE medicine - the medicine that will provide healing for both ourself and the entire freakin' world. It's this, and it's a million other things in between.

Except we oftentimes ignore our SHE spot, because in order to access that runny honey-like truth that can be found there, it isn’t always pretty. It can be painful, it can evoke feelings that have previously been pushed down deep into the darkness and lurk in our shadows. We're fearful that if we DO touch ourSHE spot, we'll express ourselves in a way that might make us do that snotty-nosed, mascara-running ugly cry. Or we might discover something too bright, too powerful, that fills us up with so much light and love we might implode in on ourself. We get fear-filled. We get shit-scared. Yet, when we touch + pleasure that SHE spot? Magic happens.

In SHE Flow yoga classes, I encourage + guide participants to find their SHE spot in every move. To feel their way into each asana knowing nothing needs to be held, simply trusting their body’s natural rhythm to take them where they need to go.

In SHE mentoring, I work with women to find their SHE spot in their menstrual cycle, to feel into the flow of their monthly cycle, each phase, every day and listen to what their body is telling them and what it is guiding them to do in their business, their career and their life.

Touch your SHE spot + your story will be revealed.

So my big write-a-book-advice would be to know that your capacity to write a book or tell your true-to-you story is directly linked to your willingness to find, crack open, feel into and express the honey-like truth, the SHE medicine that is activated every time you touch, pleasure and honour your SHE spot.

Are you ready to find your SHE spot? Are you being called to share your story? To write a book? For your voice to be heard? 

If you are, I invite you with big open arms + heart to come join me for SHESTORIES (you’ve got 4 days left to sign up) - a 30 day online programme of daily emails + prompts, SHE insight sessions with actress Carrie Anne Moss, Hay House UK Editor, Amy Kiberd + Social Media Queen, Katie Brockhurst, along with rituals, practices + SHE Flow techniques to help you write your freakin' heart (+ guts) out.