The Called Girl's Guide to Commitment

goddessI'm currently 31 days into a 40 day Gayatri sadhana. Basically each morning, at silly o' clock, I get up, and with the help o' some mala beads I'd previously worn because they looked pretty, I chant to Goddess Gayatri 108 times. When I signed up to this, I wasn't exactly sure why. I thought it might be because I wanted to get clarity, or deepen my connection with myself, with SHE. But in carving out a daily practice, a chance to get still and hook up with the goddess, I've realised it's been about so much more than that. Mainly, my ability to commit my sweet ass to something. Y'see, I get told on a near weekly basis, 'you're so lucky, Lisa.' Sometimes it's because I've got a hot viking beau who gets me, actually demands selfie-taking and likes to kiss. A lot. Sometimes it's because I get to do what I love - write, create, edit, publish, be a defender of female awesomeness - and get paid for it and call it work. I deffo count my blessings. In fact, despite 2013 being a monumental year o' grief and sadness, my gratitude journal is positively busting at the seams. But lucky? Lucky, I am not. Luck is winning the lottery. I have never done that. Luck is stumbling on a magic lamp, rubbing it to find a hot oiled-up semi-naked dude waiting to deliver us wealth and fame. Sadly, that has never happened either. Nope, luck has absolutely nothing to do with it. No matter where any of us find ourselves, it's a direct result of the decisions and choices we've made in our lives. Don't get me wrong, some of my decisions have been whack. Like my choice in ex-boyfriends or the amount of hours I've wasted watching The Only Way is Essex. But others? Others I've knocked out the park. Like choosing to set up my own publishing imprint SASSY Books, instead of pandering to the whims of a big-ass publisher, or declaring to the goddess, under the light o' the full moon, that I was ready to do the work necessary to meet my forever dude. What I realised, probably on about day five of this 40 day Gayatri Sadhana, is that it's ALL about the commitment. Commitment is our equivalent of Aladdin's magic lamp. When you commit your sweet ass to something, shiz happens. Now, your goal/wish/desire might not always come wrapped in the pretty pink bow you'd like it to, but committing to it lets the universe/goddess/god/spiritual homegirl know you mean business and it sets a cosmic wheel in motion. You end up being in the right place at the right time, stars align, you meet the right person just when you need to. But unless we fully commit, there is always hesitancy, the chance to go back, to not deliver, to change our mind.

Since mumma died, there's been an urgency in me. I feel like yoda, declaring 'do or do not, there is no try' to every creative idea that dares to raise it's messy, paint-sploshed hand. If I'm called, it's a yes, and I commit using the 4 point plan to commitment for Called Girls. The called girl's guide to commitment. 1. Choose to fully commit to your call - whether it's a goal/dream/wish/desire. 2. Pursue relentless action that's aligned to your commitment. 3. Expect and have total faith that you will get help along the way. 4. Show big-ass gratitude for the help and results.

Simple. (Although by simple, I do not mean easy. Far from it.)

Which is why this November, also known as NaNoWriMo - National Novel Writing Month - I am committing to writing the shitty first draft of a brand-new book, currently untitled, that I am wildly excited about. To make it happen, I'm going to turn up to the page, every day, and create a deliciously juicy writing practice. If you've been thinking about writing a book, starting a novel or a daily journal or blog writing practice, I invite you to join me in circle with fellow creatrixes next month and commit to your writing dream. I'm offering SASSY Sadhana Support for NaNoWriMo - 30 days of divine devotional to create a writing practice that sings to your sweet, sweet soul. If you want in, hit up the link for all the deets. When awesome shiz happens, it's not luck. It's down to your fierce commitment, which, at it's very heart is a declaration that you believe in your wildly amazing, beautiful SASSY self. And quite frankly, there is nothing more awesome than that. Fact.

What are you fully committed to in your life? What are you not committing to because you're too scared? Spill the truth juice, baby!