Business book I heart: Innocent

This year has seen me start to get serious about creating a SASSY business brand. Now, I'm a suck-it-and-see kind o' girl, which has worked for me 'til now, but I want the SASSY brand to rock it out in the business world, and for sure, I don't EVER plan to play by the rules, but you do need to know the rules in order to break them, so I'm getting savvy. I'm seeking out brands that I heart, working out why I heart them, I'm writing a business plan, and I'm reading EVERY business book I can get my mitts on...I'm not going to lie, some of them are incredibly boring-snoring, but others, like my current read are freakin' AMAZEBALLZ... 9780718153175Enter Innocent our story and some things we've learned.

This is the most kick-ass 'business' book I have EVER read. Fact. Innocent was started by three friends in 1999 and now they have completely taken over the smoothies market in the UK and some other major countries. I am a huge fan-girl of their products, they're a li'l bit pricey, but having read about the manufacturing process of these absolute fruit smoothies, they really shouldn't, and couldn't, be priced for less.

Innocent REALLY practice what they preach. And if the book reflects in any way their day-to day operations (which I'm pretty sure it does), their ethical ethos drives everything they do. Even the book itself is published on 100% recycled paper with vegetable-based inks. It's such a great read. The boys are happy to share what went well for them, as well as the things that didn't and their honesty is positively infectious. The main reason I've love Innocent is for their cheeky copy on each bottle. This book is written by the dude behind this copy so it's smart, funny and to-the point.

It's packed full of advice for entrepreneurs, 'start small, but DO start', but beyond that, it's a story about entrepreneurial success. From three guys thinking 'Hey, it would be really good to go into business together' to 'Hey, Coca Cola's invested £30 million in our company and we can still run it as we want to'.

LOVE this. A lot.

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