So, when you launch a book, there's usually a 'pre-launch campaign', there's a really effective tried + tested format too, but honestly, it's kinda predictable. It doesn't feel that fun or juicy to try + create either, which is why I created the SHE Power temple: Online.I'd just shut the doors on the SHE Power Temple in Malta + was like, I want to do more of THIS. I want to gather women in circle, share stories, and because I know not everyone can make a trip to Malta happen (although if you CAN + you want to, you are so welcome to join me for the next one in October!) I decided to have a three hour session online, in real time, getting real together, sharing techniques + insight from the book, celebrating each other, moving our bodies, curling up in a nidra nest + eating chocolate - obvz. - that just felt SO good to me. And so in what's becoming my only way of showing up in the world, I created it + if you pre-order the book, the book is your ticket to a LIVE 3 hour online SHE Power Temple on Saturday July 9th + don’t worry if you can’t make it live, it WILL be recorded. (In real time will be SO much better though. Just saying.) To pre-order, CLICK HERE

Then, if I'm honest, I wanted a little something for me. I wanted to gather a sisterhood of support because writing + launching a book that was written mainly via SHE + my labia lips is bloody scary and I wanted, actually...I NEEDED a girl gang, a SHE squad who would have my back, who I could show up vulnerable with + who I could share nidras, videos + anything I feel called to create with, so I created an online SHE coven on FB for those that pre-order Love Your Lady Landscape because my favourite part of ANY of my online courses is the magic that happens in the FB circles + covens - just because their online doesn't make them any less potent, that's an actual fact.

And then there was social media. Now, you KNOW I have mad love for Instagram + maybe you know that every monday I do a Moonday SHE Reading over there, but that is the extent of my social media. I don't want to schedule four memes a day in different formats across ALL THE PLATFORMS, that feel lifeless + inauthentic to ME (not saying that's how it is for everyone by the way, if it feels good to you, please go do it, but to me? Not so much.) I don't want to go use Twitter which I don't dig JUST to promote my book, I don't want to try + figure out what on earth I'm meant to do on Snapchat (I've tried, I just don't get it) so instead starting from tomorrow, right through to publication day on July 5th, new moon through to new moon, I'm having a Love Your Lady Landscape palooza (totally a thing) on Instagram + facebook (my social media of choice) where each day I'll share insights from the book (if you have questions that you'd like me to answer or to have a bloody conversation about - hit reply to this email) honestly, I've nothing planned except the hashtag #loveyourladylandscape I'll just follow the flow of the moon, my own menstrual cycle + see what comes through each day because THAT'S what feels juicy to me. (Much to the annoyance of the super awesome social media dude at my publisher who I know would LOVE more than anything for me to have a schedule, sorry Tom!)

Look, it's experimental, it might not work at all, but since conception, Love Your Lady Landscape has demanded to be SHE-led. Despite my best efforts to be organised, which has not happened, write the book I proposed, which has not happened + create some kind of publicity schedule, which has not happened, I guess I should expect nothing less on the run up to publication, right?!

It would be super-easy for me to follow a tried + tested method, but if I did that would be going completely against everythnig I share in the book which is to follow your womb-led instinct, to trust yourself despite how wrong you may be made to feel for doing so. Mainly, by yourself. I've had SERIOUS wobbles. I've had entire conversations with myself - just make a three-part bloody video series, make a set of meditations + an ebook, hire someone to do all your social media, hire someone to do what you're 'supposed' to do, what's 'expected' of you. Instead I had deep chats + hour long text convos with amazing sisters who have been through it + come out the other side, I have Kdot, one of my besties + a social media angel on speed dial because she REALLY gets it (come play in her summer school, she's AMAZING) + I'm sharing it all with you, because you need to know everything that goes on behind the flaps of living a SHE-led life + creating a SHE-led business - THIS is what it looks like. Do you think I WANT you to know I don't have it all figured out? Hell no. The perfectionist in me is going bat-shit crazy over here at the very idea of me being so bloody honest about it all, she doesn't want me to reach out + ask for your help + support, she doesn't want me to ask you what you'd like me to create so that I don't create yet ANOTHER meditation or e-book that you'll download onto your desktop and never open.

But I'm going to though, I'm going to ask you to reply to this email and help + support me without feeling cringe-y or weird. What would you like me to create to support your Love Your Lady Landscape journey? What would feel good + juicy to receive - nidras, how to videos, me singing ALL the lyrics to PJ + Duncan Let's Get Ready to Rumble? (I TOTALLY can.) Hit me up with what you'd love + also I'd LOVE it if you feel called to share any promotion tips/ideas you've seen used that you love + felt good to be on the receiving end of, or ways that you'd like to help promote the book - maybe you'd like to interview me, share posts from the palooza with your network, let's make this whole thing a joint collab.

Let's give the perfectionist a middle finger + show that nothing bad happens when we ask for help, show our vulnerabilty or when we experiment or try something new. Let's also give patriarchy a middle finger by showing it that really pretty amazing shiz happens when women support each other.

I love this book + want you to read it, but I won't create a gnarly sales funnel in order to make you do it. I want to share the experience WITH you, because I spent so long writing this book solo, that now I want to celebrate, play + share in it's magic WITH YOU. Basically, I'm day 15 of my menstrual cycle, I feel like I'm Queen o' Freaking Everything, I feel like ANYTHING is possible + I'm using ALL my ovulation powers of manifestation to call this dream of SHE-led business, support + doing what FEELS good into being.

And so it is. High fives, fist bumps + that dancing lady in the red dress emoticon.