Books I would LOVE (hint, hint)

Now, I am still very much in love stuff with my kindle, it is a thing o' beauty, but there are some books that I want to own in beautiful hard copy so I can touch, feel and smell, y'know? As it's the season o' festive cheer when apparently we show our love by buying things, which I don't altogether agree with, but I DO like books, so if you ARE looking to spend your money, I am currently coveting the following...(HINT, HINT)


Domestic Sluttery by Sian Meades £8.33

I have been a fan girl of the website, Domestic Sluttery for a few years now, so I'm all kinds o' excited about their beautiful book o' loveliness, mainly because they tell me how to create a deliciously gorgeous home while unapologetically cutting a few corners - hurrah! The book is a logical expansion o' the blog, full of lifestyle tips and with a more in-depth look at home interiors (Hiding the Evidence, Design Porn etc.); food and drink (e.g., Veggie not Virtuous, Baking for Beginners); style and beauty (Fashion Lust, Crafty Clothes etc.); and living (e.g., Fabulous and Thrifty, Sluttery Travels). The word 'sluttery' is used in it's traditional form, to mean 'slovenly, a little messy' - that's me, that's absolutely me! Sian Meades and her domestic sluts will teach you the quick and easy ways to do domestication on the hop. And, most importantly, will reveal how to make a damn good cocktail!

51BEHc2AdZL._SL500_AA300_ Chic on a Shoestring, by Mary Jane Baxter £9.95

I am a wannabee craft-girl. I covet home made crafts more than anything in the world, but making them myself? Not so much. But this book looks to be the book that might change all that up! It's filled to the brim with easy-to-make projects which I can use to revamp my wardrobe and update old items. I desperately want to make the ribbon corsage I saw on a recent flick through and maybe a Floribunda brooch to brighten up a t-shirt. Might also try the shoelace necklace too, I'm not sure, but I think Mary Jane Baxter may have reawakened my creative-girl instincts. The ideas are imaginative and useful, and use materials which are probably kicking around the house somewhere. Instructions and illustrations look easy to follow, and thankfully, you don't need a sewing machine for most o' them. I totes want this!


Style Me Vintage Make Up, Belinda May £5.59 If you didn't know by now, I am totes in love with all things vintage, and very much like to indulge in retro glamour. Whether you want to a look you can wear day-to-day, or one for a special outing or occasion, this book has all you'll need to recreate the decadence and fun of vintage styles. Filled with step-by-step instructions, tips and techniques, and detailed photographs for make-up from the 1920s to the 1980s, Style Me Vintage Make Up provides everything you'll need to create authentic looks - whether you want to look like Marlene Dietrich, Marilyn Monroe or Madonna.

So, if someone might like to send my beau, BFF and fam this link, that would be awesome!