Writing a book, menstrual cycles, gnarly tattoos + Justin Bieber

isis tatt'Til monday morning, the sub-heading of my new book had been alluding me.  I sulked, I called in g-friends, I did a lot o’ deep-breathing, a shit ton o' yoga, and then…

Code Red: know your flow, unlock your monthly super powers and create a bloody amazing life. Period.

See what I did there?!

Some say editing is the hardest part of book writing, and while editing is kinda painful, in a ‘I’m having an epic tattoo etched on my forearm’ kinda way, coming up with a sub-heading is way more pain. That’s like ‘I’m having the biggest, most badass tattoo etched on my inner thigh and I’m not leaving until it’s fully inked’ pain.

ULTF - Useless Lisa Tattoo Fact: When I was having my Isis tattoo etched on my back, I sat for 4 solid hours and burst a blood vessel in my eye. That’s gnarly, isn’t it? I also thought I was Gabrielle - y’know, the 90’s pop singer who sang Dreams? - and rocked a sparkly eyepatch for a week.

I digress. When trying to pull that illusive super-amazing, all-encompassing sub-title from my very being, there was a point, just before the angels sang and the trumpets sounded, when I looked at all the epic research + the interviews + the incredible cover design, and despite having written 25+ books over the last 10 years (not all mine, I’ve ghostwritten a few too and remember, we NEVER speak of the Justin Bieber annual) I flung the back of my hand to my forehead, in total drama queen style, asking no one in particular: ‘is this all worth it?'

I’m editing the book right now, (hence the sporadic blog posts, if you want regular Lisa love you really need to friend me on FaceBook or follow me on Instagram - they are my most favoured procrastination tools when wring/editing my books) and already I’m seeing things I want to add and change up - not just the usual things you pick up in editing but huge-ass things that have me questioning if I’ve got time to totally re-write this book before October. Then on Monday, when I was close to ripping-hair-out-o’-head-ness, I looked at the calendar.

I was day 29 in my menstrual cycle.

I had written this entire book in tune with my cycle using my monthly superpowers, which, FYI, is TOTALLY going to be a book all of it’s own. It was a freakin’ revelation, not to mention a complete pleasure, to know when I’d be more creative, when I was in editrix mode, when I’d be super-personable and outgoing enough to do interviews -  but when it came to writing the freakin’ sub-title? I decide to  wait 'til I’m in my most liminal, other-worldy ‘don’t-you-dare-try-to-pin-me-down-to-anything' day 29 state. Sigh.

It’s one of the most awesome things I love most about working so deeply with the nuances of my menstrual cycle - if you ever thought bleeding was just a sign of whether you were pregnant or not, think again - it's a key to unlocking your mysteries, your sacred womanly rites, and you never stop discovering something new about yourself. Every time I think I’ve got it licked, I think I understand myself, SHE bitch-slaps me with a 38 day cycle instead of my usual 29, or I get so busy with ‘life’ I forget to check in to see that I’m day 29, and day 29 is most deffo NOT a day to make hard+fast decisions about a book title. Fact.

But day 1, however, when I’m bleeding, when I’m able to download direct from SHE and I’m at my most powerful? Well, this girl is on sub-title writing fire.

It’s really quite simple. When you know your cycle, you know yourself and when you know yourself, you really can use your monthly superpowers to crack your lady code and  create a bloody amazing life. Oh, and write a book. Unless you decide to write a Justin Bieber annual - now that’s just silly, who would even do that? Wait… Or you decide to get Justin Bieber tattooed on your inner thigh, in which case, despite priding myself on my non-judgemental nature, I would find it very difficult for us to remain friends.


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