Book writing + body wisdom


A LOT of people have been asking me about the new book and about my writing process + while I'm sharing the experience over at Facebook + Instagram (follow me/friend me/click ALL the buttons!) I wanted to talk a li'l about how books get written around here + it involves... you've guessed it, my menstrual cycle. Y'see, I write in tune with my menstrual cycle. I've written over 30 books, some of which, as EVERYONE knows by now, were about Justin Beiber, however, most of which were NOT written in tune with my menstrual cycle and if I'm honest, they were HARD WORK. Why? Because I was not rolling with my natural rhythm. I was constantly working against it, having to meet deadlines + feeling subtle, yet persistent anxiety, depression + exhaustion. This kind of set a goal/deadline, work hard, strive + thrive vibe is linear, it's dude-centric – and it results in so many of us becoming disconnected from our SHE power. And the new book? Well that's ALL about reclaiming + reconnecting with, our SHE Power. Rarrr. In fact, the title is: Love Your Lady Landscape: Trust Your Gut, Care For 'Down There' + Reclaim your Fierce + Feminine SHE Power. Rarr. (Do you love it?! I'm SO excited to share it with you. Ever since I went to Malta, this book has been weaving it's way from felt thoughts into actual words + sentences - it's NEARLY birthed, but there's still some work to do which is why I'm going back to Malta to finish it - but just so you know, the meme above pretty much is the new book in a nutshell.)

Where was I? Ahhh yes, SHE Power.

What would happen if every woman woke up to + connected with her innate SHE power?

What would happen if every  woman woke up to + connected with her innate SHE Power? Well, you'll have to read Love Your Lady Landscape to find out - ha! Seriously, right now we don't dare to go there, because at the risk of getting political, in a patriarchal society, it has simply not been safe for ladykind to rediscover our deeply feminine super powers. Women have been shut down, medicated and silenced for generations, the need to be beautiful and fit a cookie-cutter version of perfection are ways in which we have been taught not to experience the shadow, darker sides of our true nature. The side that shows itself during the second half of our cycle, the side where our feminine truth resides, and quite frankly SHE, the great mumma, Mary Magdalene, the wise women that have gone before us – who have all carried this wisdom in their womb and in their blood – are suitably pissed. Which is why the time is now.

SHE, through me, is calling us all to connect with our bodies, to tune into our SHE power, to remember the truth of who we are, to come together in sisterhood and forgive each other for competing with each other, to forgive dude-kind (they didn’t know, and it’s up to us to educate them not by fighting with them, belittling them or trying to be them, but by being in our truth so that they can stand fully in theirs) and most importantly, to forgive ourselves.

SHE-fuelled gifts + super powers

The menstrual cycle governs the feminine flow, not only of the monthly bleed, but also of information, emotions, spirituality and creativity. It shows us that in each phase, we have access to incredible gifts that can be used to enhance our lives and express our femininity and when we notice these changing energies and adjust our lives to live and work in harmony with them, we have an amazing opportunity to be creative and achieve success in a far more feminine way. Which is why, knowing what I now know about my cyclic nature, it makes TOTAL sense to write a book about SHE Power + lady landscapes using my SHE-fuelled gifts + powers. I know this works because I wrote Code Red in complete sync with the gifts of my cycle. For example, I KNOW that during my pre-menstrual phase, I get to-the-bone truthful, so my writing becomes much more from the heart and womb + the words flow much easier, I have a creative cosmic nudge that I don’t experience so loudly, if at all, during the other phases. It doesn’t mean that I’ve only written my book during the pre-menstrual phase of each cycle, or that I can’t write during the other phases, it just means that I have a monthly super-power that I can use in my work to help me connect with my work in a much deeper way. So I use it. I make time in that phase of my cycle, non-negotiable time to connect with my body through SHE Flow movement + chanting + then I write. I write my freakin' heart, guts + womb out.

Which is why getting to know your cycle is crucial to your entire life: health, work, relationships and creativity. The ebb and flow of your dreams, creativity and hormones in each phase of your cycle offer up a great opportunity to deepen your connection with your inner knowledge and to live in balance with the different energies that occur each month. What would life be like if you knew that you could use your pre-ovulation phase to plan your work-load for the entire month? Or that in ovulation you are Queen of communication? How about knowing you can use the pre-menstrual phase to get to the truth of the matter, to figure out what works and what doesn’t and how during menstruation, you can assess, review and let go? Cool, huh? This is just the beginning.

If you want to know everything that each moon + menstrual phase has to offer, start by reading Code Red. Then I encourage you to get geeky (wearing a pair of black-rimmed, hipster glasses at this point is entirely optional) + get to know your cycle (you get a free cycle repair kit when you download the book which has fun fill-in-able charts) and in 2016 I'll give you a sneaky peek into The SHE Coven for Word Witches that I'm launching in Feb 2016!) It's how women with big-ass ovaries write + create, y'know and you ARE one of those women, right?!