The Bloody Basics: day 1


The #BloodyBasics is a 5 part blog series introducing you to the wonders o' menstruation. Yep, over the next five days I'll be sharing EVERYTHING you need to know about riding your crimson wave  - how to chart your cycle and discover your monthly super powers, natural ways to deal with endometriosis + PCOS, nutrition for PMS, how the pill is making you bat-shit cray-cray, amazing period apps that will help you know yourself better - SO. BLOODY. GOOD. This full-to-the-brim, content-heavy series IS a promo-tool for Explore Your Lady Landscape which starts this Sunday 1st Feb, and yep, at the end of each feature I will be linking to the programme and I will be telling you that you have x number of days to sign up and I'm totally shameless about that because what I share in Explore Your Lady Landscape is so necessary and important, that I believe EVERY girl and woman should know it + have access to it. But I get that it may seem a whole lot of weird to pay money for something that sounds essentially like it's teaching you about your period. Especially if, right now, you: - find your cycle bloody annoying or a big ol' inconvenience. - are disgusted by your blood and feel dirty and shame-filled at menstruation. - want to hide away and pretend menstruation doesn’t exist. - talk about your period in hushed tones, if at all. - are crippled by pre-menstrual or menstrual related pain and dis-ease. - hate it because your bleed means that another month had passed, and you're not pregnant when you desperately want to be. - thought to yourself ‘there must be a freaking reason as to why we bleed for five or more days each month and don’t die?!’

Ten years ago, I'd have unsubscribed/deleted/un-friended anyone that tried to talk positively to me about periods, which is why I've created The #BloodyBasics. It’s no secret that most women are not entirely happy with the fact that they menstruate, but that’s because most women don’t know that their menstrual cycle has a much bigger purpose than we’ve been led to believe.

All I ask is that you stick with me for the next 5 days (+ if you dig it, please share your favourite posts or your own musings on what's being shared using the hashtag #BloodyBasics) -  do we have a deal?!

DAY 1: My story I am a woman who hated her period. In fact, ten years ago, I hated everything about my life. I’d binge eat in secret and hide the wrappers down the side of the sofa. I strived so hard to ‘be’ and ‘do’ in a job I thought I wanted, but instead of feeling success and happiness, I became jaded and stressed. I was in a relationship that was going nowhere, yet I didn’t dare to demand more and my periods were heavy, all consuming and hurt like a motherlover, sex was painful and orgasms were non-existent. Life was pretty suck-y. After three years of misdiagnosis, I was told I had Endometriosis and that it was so severe, I’d have to have my womb removed, which quite frankly, was not an option. So driven by a deep anger at modern medicine’s quick-fix ‘whip it out’ response to women’s health, I went on a ten year exploration of my own lady landscape. It’s been quite the adventure, and through delivering Explore Your Lady Landscape, writing my new book, Code Red, I’ve found something far more powerful and potent than modern medicine, and that's menstrual medicine. A deeply cleansing and healing self-love practice that works predominantly with the creative, spiritual and psychological energies of the four phases of the menstrual cycle - yep, your cycle isn't just the days that you bleed you know, it's the whole month - and has brought me into a rather incredible relationship with my womb, my menstrual cycle, my body and myself.

This shouldn’t be something we have to discover, it’s our birth right as a woman. The menstrual cycle, if we work with it and not against it, is an incredibly potent experience and my big heart wish for this book is that it’s your call to power. Your incredible and badass SHE Power. Deliciously divine and fiercely feminine. I now live my life totally in sync with my cycle – business, relationships, sex life, health, money, creativity - are all in complete alignment with my lady rhythms, through charting I've activated my super powers and know when I rock out at word-writing, when I can get a metric shit ton of work completed with ease, when I need to not talk or be near the general public, and when I have my very best orgasms, which FYI: is a super power all of it's own. I still have my womb - despite the doctor’s best efforts to take it out, my pain is minimal and manageable, and through finding love for my cycle, I’ve found love for myself too as a lover, as a friend, as a daughter, as a creatrix and as a woman. I want this for you too. I want this for EVERY girl and woman that bleeds.

Join me tomorrow when I share why charting is no longer just a tool for the want-to-be pregnacious, it's for every woman that wants to activate her fiercely feminine super powers. If you have any questions, comments or thoughts - I LOVE it when you share - or if there's anything you'd like me to cover over the next five days, leave a comment below or over at the Sassyology FB page. Don't hold back, I want to know what's going on with you and your relationship with your vagina, your ovaries, your menstrual cycle, your down-there-ness - the whole SHE-bang.

PROMO BIT: You have SIX days left to sign up for Explore Your Lady Landscape - a deep-dive (yes, so many puns and so little time) that will give you access to a completely new experience of menstruation and being a woman.  For all the deets, click HERE.