The Bloody Basics: Day 4 - My moontime

The #BloodyBasics is a 5 part blog series introducing you to the wonders o’ menstruation.Yep, over the next five days I’ll be sharing EVERYTHING you need to know about riding your crimson wave  – how to chart your cycle and discover your monthly super powers, natural ways to deal with endometriosis + PCOS, nutrition for PMS, how the pill is making you bat-shit cray-cray, amazing period apps that will help you know yourself better – SO. BLOODY. GOOD.


I mentioned back on Day 2 that there are alsorts of ways that you can chart and work with your cycle, but my go-to app is My Moontime - not only does it's remind you when your period will most likely arrive, it helps to fuel your life's dreams and aspirations AND get you through each day of your cycle...Now that's Period Power! I spoke to my cycle sister + creatrix of My Moontime app, Dana Michelle Gillespie to get the lowdown on why she's created this app, what's so great about it and how you can access it free - hurrah!

Dana, My Moontime - BEST. PERIOD. APP. EVZ. - tell us all about it, and most importantly why we need it... Thank you, Lisa! I really made My Moontime app for myself and my own need and desire to track all of my female energy cycles in one beautiful app. To help me move through life with more ease, grace, success and joy. I found myself disappointed with the period tracker apps out there as they were not visually nice to look at, and I didn't want to JUST track my period or ovulation potential. My girlfriends and I don't do the basil body tempature charting becuase it doesn't work for our lifestyle at all, but we wanted another way to track all of our cycles and see them in a visually validating way. I wanted an app to help me know where I was at on my hormonal cycle every day so I could tap into the energy potential of that phase and use it to my advantage. We have exclusive access as females to this awesome cycle of ever changing energy potential within us - similar to being one of four different Female Super Heroes throughout our cycle - why not use this energy to create something you want, and a life you love? Our female hormonal cycle is very much like the cycling four seasons on earth. It would be deadly to demand for it to be winter all year round. Food would be next to impossible to grow well, so let's stop demanding silly things of our female bodies and instead tap into the rich wellspring of limitless potential within each of us. This app is for the females who want to stop feeling stuck or limited by their perception of their periods. Yes - My Moontime tracks your period and mid-cycle ovulation potentials - but it offers so much more - don't just track your period - use it!

What's your relationship with your own menstrual cycle and how did it influence the creation of the app? It was only in the past couple of years that I really started to notice and use all of my hormonal phases and it was really challenging for me to track by hand. I was forgetting where I left the paper with my info on it when I needed it and I just couldn't keep up. So I really wanted an app that helped me track all this because my iPhone is always with me, and would be so much more easier to have it at my fingertips. I've always enjoyed my menstruation/Sage phase as a great time to really be present in my body and surrender to the loving joy I typically experience. I have been very healthy most my life. I ate really healthy foods, took supplements to help support my hormonal cycle, and tried to not engage in stress. If I didn't eat well and/or did engage in stress at any time - my pre-menstrual and menstrual phase wasn't as blissful. I'd notice that I would get bloated and feel irritated at the world. And I would typically want to be alone during my menstrual phase to turn in and rest. I have been a huge enthusiast of pole dancing as a fun workout for the past 10 years and took classes that offered pole dancing as a moving meditation and workout. I would really notice the difference in how I would feel and move in class throughout my cycle once I started paying attention to all of my phases and how different my dance would be. It's been awesome, I've learned a lot about myself!

How can we use the app to help us rock in our everyday life? Download the My Moontime app free to your iPhone. (The My Moontime Droid App will be made - but it will be a little bit of time until it's available.) There are two free guided meditations on our website that were too big to be included in the app so download those as well and choose which topic is your intention: contraception or conception. They are so good - it's hard to not become obsessed with them. These guided meditations can really jump start your body to rockin' wellness and work so well with My Mootime app. We even included some ancient Taoist practices in the 'contraception' meditation where you naturally harness the energy of your unfertilized egg - that means more kick-ass energy for you!

Check in with the My Moontime app every day to see where your energy potential is at and work from that awareness. You can see where the moon is at and what your custom energy affirmation is to help inspire your potential for the day. This special affirmation is a blend of your hormonal energy potential and the moon phase's energy potential to help you move forward in life inspired by your gifts. You can also start playing with scheduling your life around your cycle. I myself try to do only enjoyable, meditative and reflective activities during my Sage/menstruation phase. Maybe a walk, beach time, or a meditative pole dance class. I try to book my social engagements for my Maiden/pre-ovulation and Mother/ovulation phases and know that I need to be careful what socially I book/plan during my Enchantress/pre-menstrual phase. If I'm scheduled to work in a customer service environment during my Enchantress phase - I'm extra aware and careful that I might be more irritable and try not to react to anything as my perception can be overly sensitive.

Just by knowing where I'm at - it gives me more permission and confidence to move forward in life with more grace and ease because I know where my strengths lie and how to best utilities them - no matter where I'm at or what I'm doing. Really ladies - once we know our straights and how to use them to our advantage - there really is no limit to our success!

PS: If your currently taking chemical birth control, or in menopause, pregnant, haven't started your menstruation yet, or want to track your partner - My Moontime has you covered! Go into the settings of the app and choose the appropriate setting. AND we are also uber-excited to be offering a special SassyShe affirmation series in My Moontime app very soon, so you can easily enjoy and tap into your She power throughout your cycle too!

To download your free My Moontime app and to find out more go to:

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