There will be blood. And Lemonade.


So, I’m bleeding heavily + I’ve just finished watching Beyonce’s Lemonade.The two are not mutually exclusive. Fuck. I’m still catching my breath.

Now, I am obsessed with women telling their story. For TOO long our voices have been silenced + censored. I’m also obsessed with the practice of Re:wilding - coming undone, spilling open, unravelling  to reveal the messy truth that’s in our hearts + wombs.


Because when we do, we give every other woman the opportunity to see their reflection in our words + experience.   Something that we've been denied. Seeing, witnessing and observing Her story.

Yes Lemonade speaks predominantly to Beyonce’s black history, and I won’t even try to comment on that, just know I’m bowing my head + heart in deep respect, but through the lyrics, rhythmic and shamanic drum beats, spoken word and carefully curated powerful + strong visuals, Lemonade is the Rewilding of woman as told by Beyonce.

Sex + motherhood, love + lust, betrayal + redemption, menstruation + orgasm, sisterhood + self-love.

SHE Power. Pussy power. Priestess power.

It’s fierce, it’s angry, it’s scary, it’s powerful, it’s dark, it’s vulnerable, it’s truth. It’s basically the second half of the menstrual cycle, the waning moon, curated by Lady B.

All those feelings we try to suppress during our pre-menstrual phase are present as B evokes SHE. ‘Blaming the moon for the flush of blood’ as we’re shown a red pulsing passage way, Beyonce is slaying the darkness. The darkness where SHE, the goddess, Eve, Lilith have been banished to. Where our ability to heal ourselves, to alchemise, to make magic have been hidden. Where celebrating the power of our g-mummas and their power has laid dormant. The darkness that patriarchy has taught us to be scared and fearful of, so that we never went looking for her, or ourselves there.

Yet the darkness is where we will re-member. It’s why B is calling us into formation. To RE - member. To become whole. To no longer disconnect and become separate from ourselves. B is the voice piece of SHE showing us that she is not separate from her selves and that her selves are many.

Sexual, angry, black, hurt, forgiving, vulnerable, scary, love.

She shows that not only are they all legitimate female expressions, but that they are part of the whole experience of being a woman. Hell freakin’ yeah they are.

Let Lemonade speak to every woman (and man) about the female landscape. Let it be heard + let it be celebrated. Most importantly, let lines like ‘I plugged my menses with the holy book’ start #abloodyconversation about what it is to be a woman, because we are all healed when women dare to re:wild and tell their story.

What's you're experience of the darkness? Of that second half of the cycle? What's your lemonade story?

“If we’re going to heal, let it be glorious. One thousand girls raise their arms, there is a curse that WILL be broken.”