Big Bums, Soft Bellies + Savasana


Savasana (that really lush part at the end of a yoga class where you get to lay still and let all the energy that your body has created through movement settle into your cells in a ‘ahhhh, that was so gooood’ kinda way) is now my most favourite part o’ any yoga class, even my own.But there was a time, when I first started practicing, that it did not feel good AT ALL. Yep, if you’ve seen those super-hip yogini’s on instagram wearing tees that said, ‘I’m only here for the savasana’ I can guarantee they did NOT have wide hips or a substantial–sized arse, because if they did, they’d know that savasana - laying flat with your back on the floor and palms facing upwards - is NOT a place of comfort. The same is true of a forward bend, ‘move from the hip, touch your toes and allow your nose to meet your knees’ - er…I have a belly and boobs which make doing THAT virtually impossible.

Y’see, a lot of the yoga that’s being taught in the Western world has been designed with dudes + the bodies o’ dudes in mind, so right now, women with all their curves + gorgeousness, are trying to pull their bodies into shapes that simply aren’t intended for women + then, are using the fact that they can’t get into those positions as yet another ‘I’m not good enough’ stick to beat themselves with (and jeez louise, we do NOT need another stick.) For the longest time, I’d lay in savasana in actual pain too afraid to say ‘do you know what? This just isn’t comfy for me!’ When I was told to hold warrior pose for minutes on end while on day 2 of my period, I didn’t argue because this is what I thought was ‘good’ for me. I loved yoga, but I craved a movement practice that supported me as a woman, a practice that connected me to my SHE power – the power that heightens my creative + sexual energy and makes me feel strong + vital – a movement practice that was in total alignment with the moon + my menstrual cycle and allowed me to fully listen to what my body needed instead of squeezing myself into an uncomfortable pose just because the teacher says it’s the next pose in the sequence.

Which is why I created SHE Flow Yoga.

A practice where you:

- connect with your SHE power – your direct connection with the Big SHE, the great mumma, Shakti Ma – that is quite the power source. - honour the wisdom of our own bodies, and don’t simply follow instructions that disrespect the shapes and rhythms of our bodies. - rediscover what we know already through movement - trust ourselves - eat chocolate – because cacao is the most incredible female plant teacher that there is. (+ it tastes yum. Obvz.)

Yep, rather then becoming fixated on a particular routine, I encourage you to check in with yourself – physically, energetically, emotionally - how are you feeling right in this moment? Where are you at in your menstrual cycle? Where is the moon at? (I’m a moon + astro geek so if you don’t know, I always will!) I guide you through a range of possibilities your body might like to find itself in + then I ask you to get radical, get free, and to follow your intuitive guidance.

This delicious SHE Flow practice invites you to trust that whatever practice you choose will be the exact and perfect response to where you are right now. It will nourish and energise you + most importantly, it will feel really good. And when we lie down at the end of our session in savasana? We bend our knees, we create the most delicious nest of cushions, we do breathing techniques that soften our bellies and we end every session with chocolate.


If you’d like to experience SHE Flow Yoga for yourself, join me for SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL – a four week online introduction to a fierce + feminine, moon + menstrual cycle-led yoga practice.

Registration opens July 1st (TOMORROW!) I am so excited.

I imagine it to be a lot like a Grease-inspired sleepover, crossed with a spiritual bootcamp where you don’t work out, you work ‘in’, crossed with an American-stype summer school where you get to study things you're actually interested in rather than...y'know, maths. Basically, it’s going to be ace. (80’s words like ‘rad’ and ‘ace’ may be dropped A LOT (I’m having a revival, minus the fluro headband + accessories, obvz.) and you can guarantee a Taylor Swift breakout will occur at least once, because seriously, what would any kind o’ hang time with me be without some love for the Tay Tay?

If you want to join me for SHE FLOW YOGA SUMMER SCHOOL I'll let you into a secret, sign up for SHE mail as I'll be sending all the deets out tomorrow with a super-sweet discount code that will only be available in tomorrow's mail out - go on, go sign up now!