How to be a turned-on, untamed woman in life AND business. Rarrrrr.

wild womanWhat turns you on? My list is endless. The viking, promarker pens, stories, reading about/communing with/writing love letters to the divine, swimming in the sea, heart riffing with an inky red pen - where ever that's happening? That's my happy place, women speaking their truth no matter how wobbly their voice or how messy their grammar, dancing my ass off, yoga...

I was asked in an interview last week 'what makes your business so successful?' My response? Find what turns you on, and do that. It wouldn't make the best business book, but it would be the most truthful one. All the life-chasing/goal-setting/money-making business strategies mean nothing if you're not living the most awesomely wild, untamed story that makes your heart scream with ecstatic pleasure.

I've spent a lot of this year looking at how I might be a grown-up in the world - some of the time, I've been beating myself with the 'surely I should have had this shit licked by now?' stick, and other times I've been kicking out, resisting and throwing hissy fits. Y'see, I crave freedom, yet I want security. I want to be a success (whatever that means), yet I'm an introvert who is most at home under the duvet reading a book and amongst all o' that, what I've worried about most in all o' the whole 'business-building' malarky, was losing the essence o' untamed me.

Before SASSYology, I was the SASSY Minx - a tongue-in-cheek, burlesque dancing, sex-toy reviewing, champagne swilling girl about town. I was also the SASSY Sorceress - a magic making, goddess-worshipping, spell weaving, tarot reading gypsy starfire. They are all delicious slices of me, but when I combined them to launch - mastery and badass-ery for gutsy girls - I wobbled. In fact, I'm still wobbling now, 19 months later as it continues to grow in ways that totally defy the old paradigm of business structures and completely allow me to be my SASSY, untamed self. I am being called to try new things, so I am. I fail, pretty much on a daily basis yet incredible women want to work with me, I fuck up yet I get offered incredible opportunities that push me WAY out o' my comfy zone.

All I REALLY need to remember, and it's the same for you too, is that when those five most magickal o' elements of SASSY align - Spiritual, Authentic, Sensual & Sensational YOU - they come together to create the most awesome super-power.

SHE Power. The most sacred juju o' the feminine fire-starting kind.

SHE Power is your essence. Your divine femininity and it should be fed, turned on and tuned into on a daily basis. That's been my biggest, biggest learning this year - structures and systems are super-important in order to make sure you can be totally o' service to the people you work with, they clear space, create clarity, quieten the critic - who will always try to be a Debbie Downer when it comes to your heart riffin' at full beam, but they simply cannot be at the cost of your wildness, your you-nique-to-you, untamed heart print.

I am SASSY. I am a beautiful witch. I am a turned on woman. I am a rebel. I am untamed.

Whatever I create in the world, whether it's a lived-to-the full relationship with my hot viking beau, a new book - it's coming, I'm 34,000 words in - a set of SASSY SHE oracle cards, a six month deep-dive immersion into your SASSY SHE  (you want in? I have 3 places left - this is such incredible work. Mail me.) A brand new totally affordable coaching programme for women who want to write their freakin' hearts out (yep, that's totally happening next year and I've never been more excited about a project. EVER.) If you cut it open, at it's core, my personal brand o' SASSY - Magick, truth, divinity, sensuality and untamed rebelliousness - will run through it's centre like a stick o' Brighton rock. It's my heart print.

Your heart print is your SHE power so protect it, celebrate it, get to know it, but please for the love o' all things SASSY, don't try to tame it by fitting into someone else's idea of what it 'should' look like, because when you know what you want, when you're aligned and turned on, your SHE power switches to maxim-o. It's divine feminine awesomeness in a YOU-shaped package, and it's the stuff, that when allowed to riff, create and flow, will  start the most kick-ass business that is infused with you. You'll also be able to dance a delicious tango, have hot sex and head out on an amazing adventure too. It's pretty awesome like that.

Switch on your SHE Power. Turn it to full priestess/witch/wild woman mode and do something that totally turns you on. What are you waiting for? 

Go get turned on, then come back and tell me all about it. Yep, I totes want all the dirty deets.


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