Become a Manifesting Maven

New from the School o' Sassy Arts: Become a Manifesting Maven!

There are a gazillion ways to tap into the Universal energy o' Good Stuff and manifest all the juicy goodness you possibly can, from creating a vision board each full moon to repeating affirmations each morning - both of which I do and they really work - but to ensure that prosperity, happiness, and an abundance of all the really delicious good stuff continually flows into your world, you need to manifest the Sassy way!

This 6 week course will give you the insight, tools and techniques you need to become the ultimate Manifesting Maven. I will share with you how I used my own manifesting magick last summer to conjure up my dream man - ladies, he is dee-vine - and how my gal-pals have all followed suit and bagged themselves the gorgeous guys they absolutely deserve, a fabulous flow of new clients and ways to make money, a lust for life and the kind o' happiness I didn't dare think was possible. I'll also provide a 1-to-1 coaching session with you via Skype that will light your fire of desire to manifest - so if you're ready to create nothing but the Good Stuff and become mistress o' your destiny, book your place now!

Become a Manifesting Maven is a 6-week e-course that can be taken at your lee-sure, once you sign up, each class will appear in your mail box on a Monday morning for the following 6 weeks - I'll be available via email at any time if you have success stories you want to share, or questions you'd like me to answer, all you have to do is holler!

This course is available at a rather fabulous launch price of £55 - which not only includes all course materials but a half-hour online coaching session with moi. Email me at: letting me know you're ready to kick-start your manifesting awesomeness, I'll send you a paypal invoice, you invest in your aforementioned awesomeness and we can then rock and rule!