Because you're worth it. Cue hair swish.

I've got a new Mac.

She's all kinds o' pretty. She's pimped out with a light up keyboard and swanky retina screen. I have named her Minerva, coz she's a freakin' goddess.

Over the last couple o' years, I've become a li'l less obsessed with owning shiz - apart from books and shoes, obv. - so, when my previous Mac 'puter, Mojo, started working on go-slow, I got a li'l pissed, but I ignored it. When it started shutting down of it's own accord and making some crazy-assed whirring noise, I'd shake my fist at it in a 'why I oughtaaa...' fashion, but I put up with it. When it kept shutting down mid-edit, not auto saving my work and losing me hours of work, I swore, a LOT, threatened to chuck it out o' the window, and had to admit that maybe it was time for another 'puter.

I umm-ed and ahh-ed as to whether to get another mac - mainly because these bad boys are freakin' expensive - I kept adding it to my basket on amazon, then deleting it, I looked at other PCs, and thought 'oh, do you know what I'll just get one o' these non-mac laptops, they're cheaper, and they'll do the same job.'

In my book SASSY, I talk about the need to get down and dirty with your 'lack' thoughts and dig a little deeper to find out what's really going on. So being a girl who walks her talk, despite not wanting to, I went there. The convo went a little like this:

I'm a writer, I tip tap for hours and hours every day. Writing is my joy, my passion, it's my work and it's my pleasure. I write for love AND money and speaking of which, thanks to my accountant, I have money  in my bank account. I DESERVE and can afford a pretty mac with a light up keyboard and sexy-ass screen. I can also claim it back as a business expensive. What's your excuse now, sweet thing?

[Insert violin playing here] But when I was young, we were poor. Really poor.  Owning the 'best' of something was an indulgence. We didn't do indulgence. A Mac is an indulgence, especially when a much less expensive laptop will do.

It'll DO? Are you shitting me?

When I noticed my  sweet-ass self going to that place, I wrestled it to the floor in a killer WWF move. I did not wear lycra though. G-friend does NOT rock the lycra. I write words and get paid to write words, so while the computer itself isn't an indulgence, having the very best computer is, and you have to really dig on yourself to know that you deserve the very best.

Indulgence is an actual necessity.  

When we indulge in the things that give us pleasure - not because it's 'cool' or because people will think we're cool because we own it - something awesome happens. We get MORE pleasure.

Now that I own this pretty Mac o' techno wonder, I am honouring my skills as a writer-girl, I'm bowing at the feet o' my worthiness.

The writing process is so delicious, so I do it more. The beau no longer has a stress-filled, potential laptop throwing wife, so he is feeling pleasure from my positive vibin' too.

Basically, when g-friend knows that she is Queen o' her domain, when she knows that being a pleasure provocateur is a goddess given right, when she indulges in her sweet ass self, whether it's the 'best' laptop, a filled-to-the-brim bubble bath, a writer-girl course,  a trip to the cinema in the swanky seats, a new pair o' Iron Fist shoes, she creates a ripple o' love stuff in herself, in those around her, in the world. What's not to love about that?

What will you do to today that will make you swish your hair in a just-stepped-out-of-a-salon way and whisper 'I'm worth it' provocatively like you're in a commercial for shampoo? How will you indulge your super-sassy delicious self?


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