Badass Girls throughout history

A zine about bad girls throughout history? I was all over it. The creatrix behind this zine o' wonder is Ann Shen, she's an illo-girl, designer and writer from LA and I found her on a recent stop at one of my most favourite procrastination stations, Etsy - I LOVE it.

Throughout the pages, Ann has illo-ed up some of the most badass women who have ever existed, including Marie Antoinette, Amelia Earhart, Joan Jett and Elizabeth Taylor - it's a delicious combo o' words, art and women. I deffo have to high five Ann for her choices, there are some beauties in here that would most definitely be on my list too, like Bettie Page, Anais nin and Gypsy Rose Lee, but it got me to thinking, who would be on my list? Turns out my list is long and exhaustive, which then got me to thinking, 'g-friend, write a SASSY guide to Girls o' Badass-ery - do it, do it, do it!' That made me all kinds o' happy, but what would make me happier would be to read other people's lists and be intro-ed to new women o' awesome throughout history - so, who wants in? Who wants to get creative, support lady-kind and be part of the first SASSY e-book/zine collab?

Send me 500 words about the most inspir-o, kick-ass woman who rocks your world. She can be from history, myth, legend, or be rocking out here and now, she doesn't have to be super famous, she just has to be...well, badass. Along with your 500 words, send your top 5 women from history, a short bio about you and a link to your blog/website by Monday 21st May to - do it, do it, do it!

I am SO excited about this!