Are you SASSY?

I've written a chapter in my book, Sassy Sorcery, about what it means to be SASSY - and today, while editing, I've been thinking about it some more.

Y'see, I struggle with the term 'feminist', I always have. I don't know if it's the connotations that come with it - bra-burning (I would NEVER burn a bra those bad boys are expensive) man-hating (I HEART men. A LOT.) and the un-feminine thing (I love heels, own 2 hot pink feather boas and don't even own a pair o' jeans) I want to be a woman in my power, feisty, totally comfy in my own skin, authentic, fearless, oh and able to wear MAC make-up fabulously.

In the spiritual world, I'm often accused of being a bit 'fluffy'. And I am. I am totally unapologetic for that. I love boy bands, I meditate in a tiara, I love pretty, pretty things like leopard print shoes, I like to paint my nails and I totally hear the colour pink. I'm also kick-ass, a business woman, a deeply spiritual thinker and...well, I'm complex. I love to learn about stars and the solar system AND watch The Kardashians, I fight tirelessly for the rights of teen girls to have all the information they need to make informed decisions about their lives AND I interview popstars and celebrities. I care passionately about the self-development of women AND I heart kissing boys. I am a mass of fabulous contradictions - isn't it fabulous?!

Y'see, I'm SASSY and when you're a SASSY kind o' girl, you: ★ Take responsibility for your own happiness - let's not blame boykind for absolutely everything. ★ Don't diss on girlkind - we need to love, support and nurture each other NOT feel like we need to compete and draw rings around each others wobbly bits in trash mags. ★ Go where there are no paths and make our own killer-heel-shaped footprints. ★ Are feisty AND emo in equal messages ★ Are not scared to talk about sex, genitalia, your dark side or your passions. ★ Most importantly...You embrace all the things that make you completely YOU-nique - all your geeky, freaky habits, your penchant for watching NCIS (admit it, LL COOL J's dimples are hot, non?), our career, our relationships, our creativity, the spiritual practices we dig - being SASSY is about being YOU. Without apologies, without fear o' ridicule - how freakin' awesome is that? As I was editing that, I wanted to literally high five myself. It's taken 32 years to actually get it. To not want to fit in with the popular girls, to not want to dress like fashion magazines dictate I should, to fly my freak flag high and embrace ALL the qualities that make me the most fabulous version o' Lisa, I can possibly be.

I am Lisa. I LOVE being Lisa and quite frankly, I am really rather awesome at it.

So, what do you think? Are you in, chicas?