Are you open to signs?

Ooh, I love me a good omen! A sign from the universe that I am on the right path, or that it has some important shit to tell me. When I talk about signs, bear in mind I am (to quote my dear host Miss Lisa) a ‘lipstick wearing, shamanic She-Ra’. We shamanic She-Ras tend to work with spirit guides and, more specifically: power animals. They are spirit guides in animal form, but they each represent a certain kind of medicine that is very earthy and real.

For example, Spider has been showing up at crucial junctures in my life over the past few years. (I’m scared of them, so it’s been fun!) At the moment, as I embark on a new kind of creative work in my business, they are everywhere I look whenever I make a good decision. Last week I made big a decision about a project, a moment later I stepped outside and four chunky spiders ran in front of my path. Nice, but not so noticeable. On my way back, they did the same again. (I say ‘they’, in fairness I cannot confirm it was the same four spiders.) For me, already working with Spider, that’s a sign that my decision has some power behind it.

Spider is an awesome power animal to work with because in shamanism we view the world as a web of energy being constantly spun and remade as we go about our lives. Spider, of course, is the creator of that web, so if you are an amazing creatrix then this is good medicine. Journeys with spider led to me setting up my own online radio station ( and if you are called to learn more about Spider energy you might want to listen to my first show. (

A more common way that I hear people talk about getting signs is seeing little white feathers. My mum and nan are spiritualists and they always said this was a sign that angels were present to help us. More commonly I hear it called a sign that we are doing the right thing and that we will be supported (which is kind of the same thing). If I am mindful of a problem that needs solving and there is a white feather in my path, I feel a knowing that everything will be ok.

Once upon a time, I was in the grip of a full on impending disaster, and I was enraged by the universe about it. It looked like what I needed to happen for disaster to be averted was impossible, so I was having a big crying rant at the universe. (What? That’s normal. I was expressing myself.)

In the midst of my incoherent ravings I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and thought, what is this in my hair? I stopped whining, went to the mirror for a closer look and discovered a white feather in my hair. I use hypo-allergenic pillows, duvets and cushions, and I don’t keep pet birds or angels in the house, so I don’t know where it came from. It restored me to a place of calm. Within a couple of days, the ‘impossible’ had indeed happened and all was well.

It might sound a bit fluffy or coincidental, but our world is a spiritual one, where all things are connected and there is much more to it than meets the untrained eye. By setting an intention to be open to guidance, we become more aware of the path we are treading and more intuitive generally. The whole world becomes a giant tarot card to read whenever we need to. It builds trust in ourselves and the world around us as a reflection of our spiritual journey.

There is something to bear in mind, though, to ensure no descent into fluffy irrelevance. Signs come when the universe feels that we need them. So, if you see something you think might be a sign, check in with what you were thinking about at the time or anything you have recently asked for guidance on. Then sit with it and interpret the message and see if it really is resonant for you.

I live in the country and if I decided I was getting a message every time I saw an animal, I’d be grabbing for my copy of ‘Animal Speak’ every time a rabbit hopped by or my cats brought me very dead shrew. Not everything is a sign. And, much like doing readings for yourself, some topics are unreliable for sign interpretation.

Example: If it’s about a hot boy, it’s probably not a sign. It’s probably a fun fantasy instead.

Curses. Some things remain a signpost-less mystery even to a priestess of SASS.