SHE Reading: Roots + Rewilding


Unedited insight + wisdom from SHE - through me - for your week ahead.Yes! Our first official SHE reading of 2016 - new moon, Chinese New Year and we've pulled the no-bullshit TRUTH card from the SASSY SHE oracle cards - rarrrrrrrrrr!

"Breathe deep into your core. Yes, this a place of manifesting, but more importantly it is home to your SHE Power + if you're not connected to that, this period of change that you're currently experiencing will rip you from your roots. So sister, root down. Go within. If things aren't happening as you 'think' they should, don't look outside yourself for people to blame or ways to fix it, go within. Right down to your roots + breathe into them. Allow the fire, anger, passion that you've been holding back to be there. It's been pushed down for too long. You no longer need to be afraid of it. Feel your truth in your centre - taste it, smell it, journal it, move with it. This, ladylove is SHE power + it will fuel your re-wilding."

SHE Medicine for the week ahead: DEEP BELLY + WOMB BREATHS: in through your nose, past your heart, past your gut and into the womb space, hold for count of two + release slowly through the mouth. Repeat 5x daily. KALI MA: the goddess of change-shit-up-ness - allow her to be your guide as the re-wilding begins to unfold. It's time. OBSIDIAN: is the stone of protection, it benefits the tummy + will help keep you rooted in your truth when others will undoubtedly question you. REWILDING: The 14 day online course that today's reading inspired me to create - find out all the details HERE

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