35 Days of Love

I am ALL about the love, which is why I am so excited to share the brand-spankin' new programme that my gorgeous friend, Ani Richardson has launched this week - 35 Days of Love. I'm not down with affiliate links, if I dig something, I'll share it with you, simple as that, and I dig so hard on the work that Miss Ani is doing, I was busting to share her with you!

Ani, 35 Days of Love is about sweet self-love, why is lovin' on ourselves so important and how can it make life more ju-ju filled? Like you, I am an advocate of self-love. This isn’t some kind of airy-fairy, narcissistic, woo-woo concept that I am talking about. It is a real passion that stems from the belief that if we all cared about ourselves and loved ourselves a little more deeply, we would truly be able to achieve greatness in relationships, in careers and in all areas of life! After-all, if we don’t have time for ourselves how can we possibly have time to authentically be there for others, or for our life-dreams?

High fives to that, Miss A - who's 35 Days of Love for? The focus of my work is supporting women who are making the courageous choice to explore their emotional eating, or comfort eating, patterns. Self love is something I know to be crucial on that journey. Without loving and caring for ourselves we will always fall back into the patterns of using food for comfort, giving our power away to an outside force rather than trusting our internal Wisdom to help us through.

Why are you the go-to girl for this and why have you created 35 Days of Love? As a registered nutritionist with specialist qualifications in eating disorders and obesity management, together with a counselling qualification, I aim to provide holistic, nurturing, support. More than this, I come from a place of compassionate understanding since I have personally known the pain of disordered eating and using food emotionally. I also know the power of self-love, self care and compassion in the journey toward healing.

Earlier this year I produced an e-book about self-love which included a 21 day challenge to the reader to practice self-love. I received some wonderful comments and testimonials about the book but also had a lot of women saying they forgot to actually do the daily practice suggested. In response to this I have created a really nurturing 35 Days Of Love e-package for women.

Amazing! So what do we get? When you sign up for 35 Days of Love you'll get a beautifully designed daily email as a reminder to practice self love, as well as 2 e-books and a guided MP3 visualisation to help connect to the Wise Inner Self. I also send you a 50 card oracle deck that I post out to you, the cards have reminders and affirmations on them and can easily be carried around in purses or hand-bags.

What do you want this work to do? I want you to ditch any ideas of diet and embrace yourself fully, right now, just as you are, Do it for 35 days with support from me (one of the e-books included in the package is all about emotional eating) and see what happens! You deserve to show yourself love of the most deep and soulful kind, so make a commitment to you, and start by gifting yourself 35 days of love - it could turn into the most delicious relationship you'll ever have!

To sign up for 35 Days Of Love - The Importance of Self-Love, Self-Nurturing and Self-Compassion on the journey of exploring emotional eating visit Ani's website: www.nurturewithlove.com

Authentic, SensationalLisa