:: SHE ‘SCAPE :: Now, I want to be maximising my super-sociable, Day 13 ovulation goodness, but instead, I’ve caught the irritated, dark moon feels. Grrr.

This is one of the BIG challenges I find about having a full moon bleed cycle. 

It’s like my body and the moon are in a ‘push me, pull you’ situ at every new + full moons. 

How do I deal? 

I run a bath.

At 7pm. 

On a Friday night. 


My ovaries want me to go dance, talk, flirt with my husband but the moon + my irritation of...well, just about everybody, has won out today + it’s in everyone’s best interest (especially Rich's) that I just get in the bloody bath with Heart of Thorns by Bree Barton - this book is SO GOOD. (Also UK witches, Sainsbury’s has Dr. Salts Dead Sea salts on offer - infused with rosemary and eucalyptus, that stuff is MAGIC. It’s my new fave. Go get some. Or make your own infusion. Up to you. Did I mention I was irritable today?!!!) If you’ve caught dark moon feels, I’m sending you the big love. From a distance. Obvz. 

Photo is by @ravishly

Lisa Lister